Wednesday, April 11, 2012

WISH Wednesday #26

When I saw this pretty bedroom with aqua walls and red accents I thought it would perfect for a spring WISH Wednesday.   I love pretty much everything about this room - in fact I love it so much I pinned it twice on Pintrest on two separate days.  Is that love or is it memory loss? Hmm, hard questions.

House and Home

This room perfectly contrasts the sweetness of light pastel colours in the white and aqua with the bold red accents and the dark wood bed frame and flooring.  I love the natural wicker in the baskets and rug at the foot of the bed.  I love the stacks of vintage quilts on the wicker trunks.  I love ... pretty much everything about this room.  

Is this a room you would pin twice?  (It's now the new Pintrest rating system)

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  1. Now why is it that I can't pull off my aqua walls like that? I love the star light fixture and the whole "foot of the bed" scheme.

  2. Deep sigh - I love the room to and pinned kit. Then I saw a bunch of your other pins and thought "I've got to go visiting after work! I love the colour on the walls and the baskets at the foot of the beds. Happy Wednesday!

  3. Great choice. The pops of red truly make the room come alive! Love this one.


  4. Yes, I would pin this twice! :) What a lovely room! xx

  5. Hi Grace! Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day I love this room. I've always enjoyed those two colors paired together. Great WISH!