Saturday, April 7, 2012

An Easter Lunch

I hope you are all having as lovely sunny weather this weekend as we are.  The sunshine is so welcome.  We have flowers all over the house and Easter eggs on display and branches of pussy willows - spring is definitely here.

As I mentioned when I showed you the Carrot Garden Carrot Cake (which you can read about here) I invited a friend over for an Easter lunch so we could have a visit and enjoy the dessert.  I had so much fun decorating the table for our lunch that I wanted to show you around.

I couldn't decide which tablecloth to use so I asked for William's input and this is the one that he thought was the most springy.  I love this tablecloth for its natural linen colour and the pretty sprinkle of wildflowers across it.  It was one of my first thrift store finds from several years ago and it still makes me happy when I put it on the table (although it doesn't iron as smooth as some of my tablecloths because it is made of linen).

The other thing I like about this tablecloth is that it coordinates well with my blue and white dishes so that is what I set out for our lunch.  I also used our blue and white Pottery Barn serviettes and the orange Mickey Mouse napkin rings (more because of the orange than the Mickey Mouse I might add).  I like how even the salad coordinates.  

For lunch we had salad with tons of different vegetables layered in the Anthropologie bowls, finishing off with the red pepper and carrots so it looked pretty.  I also added sliced egg on top just before we ate.  We had the carrot cake for dessert.  It was so yummy.

At the other end of the room is the fireplace and I recently switched out our mantel decor.  It had been a very busy, but fun rainbow arrangement (which you can see here) so I wanted something soothing and simple this time around.  The sap bucket on the right side of the mantel was sent to me by Donna at Anglo in Quebec when I won the chalkboard sap bucket (which I have been meaning to post about, but want to get some chalk so that I can write on the chalkboard ...  it would make more sense after all.  You can actually see the chalkboard bucket on our sideboard in the first photo).  It was so sweet of her to send the extra sap bucket along and I'm loving having these tall containers to display nature in.

And finally I want to wish you all a very happy Easter - from our family to yours!

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  1. LOVE the garden carrot cake. Your lunch looks lovely, and your side board is stunning! Love the mantel, too. I am so excited about Easter tomorrow!

    Have a Happy Easter, Grace!


  2. Your table looks so pretty Grace! And that salad looks quite yummy! I am sure your friend felt so special that you made everything look so lovely! We had lots of sunshine today, but we still have a light blanket of snow from Thursday! Boo to the snow! Angie xo

  3. Everything looks so wonderful and such a Happy Table setting, I love the tablecloth. Have a Blessed Easter Hugs, Diane

  4. What fun to set a pretty spring table for lunch. Love the tablecloth and those cute napkins. Your tulips are so pretty, too. Love them in the glass vase.

    Happy Easter!!

  5. What an adorable carrot cake. This is what I should have made. And such a pretty table.