Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Wedding Inspiration: 10 Colours that Coordinate with Red

My future daughter-in-law, Christie, recently mentioned they are considering red as one of the wedding colours.  I think that is an excellent choice as it suits them both and it has always been my son, Malcolm's, favourite colour.  I suggested we (well, actually, that would be me) have a look at what other colours would go with red.  Having just done a post on paint colours that go with red accents, this was right up my alley.

1. You can certainly stick with tone-on-tone and have red flowers with a red bridesmaid dress,
Photo from RP Scissors

2.  or keep it simple and have a red bridesmaid dress with white flowers.

  Photo from Elizabeth Anne Designs

3. Blue/turquoise/teal/aqua all look lovely with red.  It is likely easier to have the bridesmaid dress be in the blue shade and have the red in flowers and accents as there aren't many blue flowers.

 photo from The  Knot

 Photo from The Knot

4.  Gray (or even black) bridesmaid dresses with red flowers would look classic.

 Photo from Manolo for the Brides

5. Red looks pretty with pink.  Here it is shown with a red bridesmaid dress and a pink and red bouquet.

photo from My Wedding Place

6. Red also looks amazing with yellow,

Photo from Pegeen
7. or with orange,
Photo from Getty Images

8. or red, yellow, and orange together,
Photo from Flower Arrangement Advisor

9. or red with purple,

photo from Citrine Designs

10. or you can go completely wild and have all these colours thrown together.

Photo from The Knot

photo from The Knot via Schellea

Photo from Style Me Pretty

Which one do you prefer?  I'll let you know what Christie's vote is after she has seen my stunning visuals (haha).

UPDATE: Christie has cast her vote - drumroll please - she likes number 8!  What a purty choice.


  1. I vote for the first two! (but since red is my favorite color, I really like them all!)

  2. I love red!!! It is much more versatile than a lot of people think. I actually have a red pair of sandals that I wear with everything in the summer! I think their choice of color is wonderful!

  3. RED!!! Gorgeous color! What fun!

  4. I love the red with the purple!

  5. Hi Grace
    I love the grey and turquoise photos, so pretty. How fun for you to be so involved! Can I ask how you get the photos on your blog to be so big? Is it a different template? Thanks

  6. Does your future daughter in law kiss and hug you everyday and pray how lucky she is to have such a talented future mother in law? Gorgeous stuff!

  7. I like the gray or black dress with red flowers, very classy!

  8. Lots and lots of pretty choices. I would never have thought of orange with red, but it works. If I was to pick my favourite, at this moment from those shown, it would be the red dress with white flowers.

  9. So exciting! I vote for the red and turquoise, love it! Also wondering how you make your photo's so big, looks great!

  10. Hmmm, so many pretty choices! Okay, here's my thinking:

    Spring wedding: red + white/soft yellow
    Summer: bright oranges, pink, red
    Fall: purples, reds

    So much fun! I cannot wait to hear more :)
    Have a lovely day, Grace...

  11. I love the red and grey and the red and purple... so many choices... how exciting! A-M xx

  12. Thanks for all your suggestions and votes. It's such fun to think about, isn't it?

    A couple of you have asked how I get such large photos so I thought I would answer here (and I'll add it to my Blogging Tips Page at the top). I think the trick is to use the Minima Stretch template. Then you can click the x-large setting for the photos and, surprise, surprise you get big photos. My theory is you want large photos to avoid having to squint at the photos, and you want text to fill the page so you don't have blank sections down the sides and have to keep scrolling down to read the text. I hope that helps.

  13. Grace,
    Congratulations on your sons up and coming wedding! It's a lot of fun helping to plan a wedding. I love the red color as you can accent it so many different ways. In answer to your questions on the favor cookies that I made for our daughters wedding. I added the answers to it in the comments in my post. I hope that will be helpful to you. Have a great day!