Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How Not to be a Monster-in-Law

As I mentioned in a previous post, my son recently got engaged.  I wanted to start the relationship with my future daughter-in-law off on the right foot, so on Saturday I drove to Waterloo to have lunch with Christie.  

We talked about:
  • how I hope to never be a monster-in-law
  • how I would like to be encouraging and supportive of them
  • what she should call us
  • what we both would like from the wedding
  • if she would mind if I blogged about wedding details (and she doesn't mind - phew!)
We had a lovely lunch and I have to say I'm one lucky future mother-in-law. 

I took a few photos in Waterloo for my bloggy friends - and no I didn't take any of us eating.

I took a photo of this building because I loved the colour of the shutters with the brick.

And a photo of this lovely red caboose in front of the Perimeter Institute (that's the dark building behind it) because I knew you would want to say hi to the physists.  The Perimeter Institute is a centre for research and education in theoretical physics and where Stephen Hawkings is the distinguished research chair - yep, big brains hang out here. 

And finally, I took a photo of this lovely twisty chimney down the street from Christie's house - just because it is so lovely, and twisty. 

And then I went home.

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  1. You had a lovely outing with your future daughter-in-law. May your relationship grow sweeter and stronger through the coming years. Monster-in-laws are no fun.

    Your photos are fantastic. I love the blue shutters on that building, and was wondering how on earth do they close them?

    DH has read some of Stephen Hawkings works.

    That red caboose reminds one of the good old days.

    That chimney is beautiful brick work.


  2. Getting to know you from your blogs I'd say your gonna be a fun mother-in-law!

    I love those shutters and that chimney is totally cool!!

    Hope she becomes a great daughter-in-law to you Grace.

  3. I LOVE this approach to MOTHER-IN-LAW hood! You are so clever!

  4. What a great idea! And what great pictures you took - I love the twisty chimney - how creative was that mason? Thanks for the pics and I look forward to hearing all about the wedding plans :)!!

  5. That chimney is art! You'll be a great mother-in-law..how exciting! Rxx

  6. What a nice way to start a new relationship! Thanks for linking to my first party!