Thursday, April 1, 2010

My Moose

Last week I posted a photo of a moose that walked across the still frozen lake in front of our cottage.  Unfortunately I did not get to see that moose as we arrived at the cottage after it had walked by.  I have seen moose about a half a dozen times in my life, though, so I decided to post a photo of one of my favourite sightings. 

 My husband convinced me I needed a closer photo of the moose, so here it is -

We saw this moose in Riding Mountain National Park, Manitoba in 2006.  I had taken Kate, her friend, and her cousin for a walk through the woods.  It was one of those still, peaceful mid-summer days with the sun shining and the air just the right temperature.  We walked along eating raspberries - a lot of raspberries.  Later that night at an evening program we discovered that we weren't supposed to eat the wild berries as they were for the wild animals - whoops!  We all looked a bit guilty but not too guilty since they had been really, really tasty.

As we were walking along the trail we looked down into a swamp and there stood a huge male moose.  We just stood and watched him eat.  I have to say that seemed like the perfect moose spot, don't you think? Lots of trees and rushes and grass.  Just where you would expect to see a moose, and we did!


Thank you to Sarah at All Our Fingers in the Pie for this lovely blog award.  If you want to see a true foodie in action you should head over to her blog.  The unfailingly kind comments and helpful supportive friends I have met have been among my biggest pleasures in starting a blog.  So to all of you - I'm passing on this award. 


  1. great pic of the moose; beautiful scenery. You are really collecting the blog awards. Congratulations!

  2. I once saw a moose swim across a lake in northern New Brunswick and it astounded me how these big, lanky creatures can swim.
    Thanks for following my blog! I really appreciate it! xo

  3. I love the photo of the bull moose. I live a couple of hours from Riding Mountain and I have seen them as we travel through there. You were very lucky to get such a close up shot of that moose. I have never been able to, they are very unsure of people, which is good, they can do great damage to a person, vehicle or anything that incites them to anger. But I have never been able to get close enough or had the right lens on my camera for a close up.
    Hugs, Cindy from Manitoba

  4. That is a beautiful photos of the moose. I am in awe of God and all His magnificent creations! I am new here and love this. Thanks for sharing. Anne

  5. When we lived in Montana our backyard was the Bitterroot River. We would often go back and take walks or ride bikes along the trails. One day my kids were doing just that when suddenly one of my kids runs into the house to say that they were chased by a moose! I grabbed the camera and ran to the place they said the moose was. I was able to snap some pictures although not quite as close as yours. Thankfully the moose was only 1-2 years old, otherwise it could have ended differently. My kids were all safe!
    Great pics, thanks for sharing.