Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rocks in my House

There are rocks in our house.  A lot of rocks.  
We have rocks on our front porch.
 We have rocks in our front hall.
 We have rocks in our living room.
 We have rocks in our family room.
 We have rocks in our bedrooms.
We have rocks in our bathroom.

Let me explain.

When one of your favourite places to go looks like this,

 you end up with this -

   Rocks on the front porch window sill!

The ones on the left are quartz from the Haliburton cottage and the one on the right is granite from the Georgian Bay cottage.

When one of your favouite souvenirs is rocks,

  you end up with rocks to welcome you as you step inside the front door.  These fantastically smooth rocks were collected at a beach at Torbay, Newfoundland. The kids were small when we went there and they wailed when it was time to leave.  The "brain" rock is from another beach in Newfoundland.

I know, I know, you can't take your eyes off the Gerber daisies and the orchid, but just for a minute take a peak at the family room window sill.  More rocks!  These ones are from Georgian Bay and Nova Scotia.

When you have a husband who loves to collect fossils, you end up with this.
Fossils on the window sill and a display case on the coffee table.

A close-up of the fossils in the display case.  Hubby collects them (and buys a few).
And a close-up of the living room window sill.

And this is the right side of the living room window sill.  
You can see all the Burgess Shale memorabilia here.  We don't have any Burgess Shale fossils as that would be distinctly illegal since it is a UNESCO World Heritage site, but we are crazy enough about fossils (well some of us are and others like a good expedition) that we went on a 20 km 10-hour guided hike up a mountain in British Columbia to the location of the Burgess Shale excavation.  We were so pumped when we got down that we bought every sticker, fridge magnet, and shirt available in the gift shop, some of which you can see here.  I'll show you a couple of photos tomorrow for Friday Photo.

And when you can't resist pretty rocks, you end up with this -

Rocks in the bathoom, including pink quartz from South Dakota and amethyst from near Thunder Bay, Ontario.

I'll leave you with one last photo of an amazing 450 million year-old trilobite from Newfoundland.

Did the rock fairy leave rocks around your house?


  1. Well to state the obvious, it's much better than having rocks in your head! I love the fossils in the tray and yes, I too have a bowl of rocks. There are gumnuts and shells in with them...but yep, rocks rock!

  2. We have a couple of rocks around but nothing like those. If I found rocks that cool, I would have them all around too. Those smooth rocks from the beach are beautiful; one looks silver and burgundy!

  3. Hey friend, I so get it! While our collection is not nearly as impressive, we love rocks too. The kids were always bringing them home from different beaches. Tell hubby his fossils rock! I'll be showing this post to our kids. Loved cottaging as kids in both Haliburton and Muskoka and love Georgian Bay.

  4. I love them, so does my husband. What a fantastic collection of fossils..Rachaelxx

  5. There must be a geologist in your house!

  6. Yes, our son loves to collect rocks!!

  7. What a beautiful, personal collection you have!

    I love rocks too. I collect them from our Great Lakes but nothing nearly as spectacular as yours!And those fossils...WOW!!!:-)


  8. Grace, I love all of your beautiful rocks!

    Kat :)

  9. You guys truly rock! The ones in the bowl look so polished! I love rocks too and have some beach rocks stacked up on a shelf.

  10. I love decor that has a story to it...each one of these is special in its own way -- it's wonderful!

    Growing up, there were a good deal of rocks around our home, too...we used to spend at least 4 nights a week at the beach, and would often come home with rocks and shells...maybe the odd stick. With a Mum who loves to garden and two little brothers who love rocks, it was easy to build up quite a little collection.

    Great post, Grace!