Friday, December 5, 2014

Christmas Cookie Week - Speculaas Cookies


The Speculaas cookies I made last year were such a hit that I had to make them again this Christmas. Last year I used the cookie plank I was given when I lived in the Netherlands years ago. This year I wanted to try decorating them with almonds which I remember was often used on speculaas cookies in the Netherlands. It was fun to arrange the whole almonds and slivered almonds into flowers and stars or just into patterns. Sometimes I got lazy and just put an almond in the middle of the cookie though, which also looked good.

I always consider it a happy coincidence that my husband was born on the day when Sinterklaas is celebrated in the Netherlands (December 5th). When I met my husband I had just returned from living in Utrecht for a year and I loved that his birthday was on such an important Dutch holiday. Well that day is today and my handsome husband is celebrating a milestone birthday, which he feels the less said about the better. I however am quite excited about the plans I have cooked up (can't reveal anything on the blog in case he finds out though).  Happy Birthday Honey!

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  1. OMG.... I have got to STOP baking but you are making it really hard! I feel like I have literally eaten my way through the week. Absolutely every day I have weighed myself just to see what the results of all this baking really are.... ;)