Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Cookie Week - 3 Holiday Shortbread

Every year I make shortbread cookies using my Grandmother's recipe at Christmas time. Our family loves shortbread and it just wouldn't be Christmas without them. 

This year my friend Kim and I were discussing the merits of different Christmas cookies and she told me that every year she makes shortbread cookies and in addition to decorating most of them for Christmas, she also decorates a few for Valentine's Day and a few for St. Patrick's Day and puts them in the freezer. How clever is that?

So I decided to emulate my wise friend and that is what I did this year.

I cut out most of the shortbread cookies in traditional trees and stars and other Christmas shapes and decorated them with regular Christmas sprinkles until I had a lovely pile of red and green cookies.

And I also made some of the shortbreads in hearts and neutral shapes and decorated them with red and pink sprinkles. They are tucked away awaiting their debut in February.

And finally I decorated a few with only green sprinkles and sugar and will pull them out of the freezer in March. Won't they make a pretty addition to our St. Patrick's Day dinner.

How clever is that? I wish organizing all of life was that easy.

By the way, you can read about my Grandmother, whose shortbread cookie recipe we use every year, here (and see a picture of her and her house and the view from her kitchen window) and find the cranberry-orange shortbread variation I made a few years ago here.


Don't forget to come back every day this week to see what other cookies and squares I made. 


  1. These look delicious! I cannot wait to see what else you are baking!

  2. I just started on the weekend. I am waiting for my daughter to return home before cutting out shortbread and decorating them.

  3. We LOVE shortbread!!! I'll try your recipe when Shanley comes home after her exams.

  4. Great idea to make some and freeze for other holidays. I'm afraid we would break into them before February rolled around lol.