Wednesday, July 25, 2012

WISH Wednesday #41

Doesn't this cottage style kitchen just seem perfect for a summer WISH Wednesday.  I love the windows on two walls letting lots of light in.  I love the white plank walls and the shelves (especially the inset ones).  I love the vintage-look light, and the cup handle pulls on the lower cabinets. I love how there is such a good balance of form and function in this kitchen.  

This looks like such a happy kitchen to me - it just makes me want to do some serious cooking.  What makes a happy kitchen for you?

C designs
p.s.  Thanks to Katy at Mom and Her Drill for featuring this kitchen just when I needed a cottagey room for WISH Wednesday.  If you haven't visited her blog, you really need to have a look and be humbled.  This woman is a single mom with enormous DIY skills and a big heart (check out what she is doing for a neighbour-in-need).

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  1. Ooooh, love that light! Such a charming space. :)

  2. Yes it is lovely. The light is indeed great and love the open shelves and pulls. I also really like the cabinet door style. I know that style of range is hugely popular but I'm wondering if it would be a brute to keep clean.

  3. Yes, this kitchen works for me! I too like the inset shelves, where everything it to hand, but neatly put away at the same time.

  4. aw thanks Grace. I do soooo love this designer, everything on his website makes me happy lol!

  5. I love the little inset shelves. Very cute!

  6. This kitchen looks so cozy. Love it!