Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Master Bedroom Reveal

It only took about a month longer and tons more work than I thought it would ... but it's done!  Let me show you around our new and improved bedroom.  

We'll start here as this is what greets you when you enter the room.  

I wanted something round to go above the bed to echo the roundness of the headboard. I found this carving at HomeSense - and it was even carved in India (a place I have a particular fondness for after visiting last summer).

The darker gray accent wall (although it is a subtle difference and probably not worth the trouble) was painted several years ago and I painted the other three walls last month.  I did a happy dance when that was done - not only because the chaos that happens when you paint was over, but also because the grubby builder's paint was finally gone.

The furniture was rearranged - the two bookshelves were split up and put on either side of the window and the trunk was put under the window.  I thought it would kinda sorta look like built-in bookshelves and a window seat - both things I adore, but we weren't willing to put the time or money into building them into a house we may be leaving soon.

I re-hung the drapes above the arched window so that all the windows were covered by the curtains. Since the curtains are now much higher than they were before, I had to take down the hem and add more material along the bottom. Fortunately I had bought an extra set of curtains at the time I bought the original ones so I had fabric that matched. I covered the seam with gray ribbon and added another row of ribbon to make it look like it was all meant to be.  It actually took me quite awhile to do all of those steps since I had to think through the solution to each problem as it presented itself.

I sorted and edited the books so the bookshelves would look tidy.  On top of one bookshelf I put a shadow box with my husband's fossils. The back of the box used to be Barbie pink, which is great if you are putting Barbies in the box, but not so good if you are putting fossils in.  I painted it white and it looks much better and actually means you can see the fossils now since it is much brighter inside the box.  I know the box still looks a little pink in the photos, but that is just a reflection of the red shirt I was wearing when I took the photos.

And on top of the other bookshelf I put some of my dolls.  I'm not really a doll kind of person, but these are special to me as they were mostly collected when we traveled through Europe when I was a child and a few were given to me by my Grandmother from her travels.  I had all my dolls out before and it just looked cluttered, so I've decided to only display three at a time and have the rest in a little vintage suitcase nearby so I can change them up when the mood strikes me.

I centred the tall dresser on the wall across from the bed and put my favourite painting done by my Grandmother on it.

The ceiling light was dreadful and had to be replaced.  We toyed around with a number of options and in the end chose our second favourite.  We didn't go with our first choice because it was only available at a store in downtown Toronto and it cost almost $80 more than this one.  It was also a capiz shell light that looked very similar to the one we chose, but was cream-coloured rather than gray.  We figured that since the walls were gray the gray capiz shells would look fine and they do.  

The ceiling light doesn't cast much light so I also bought another light to go on the dresser near our bed.  I chose a silver mercury glass lamp from HomeSense to add some sparkle.

Do you love Queen Anne's Lace like I do - I think it is such a pretty flower/weed so I put some on the dresser.

Let's see the before and after photos - they are always fun!

And after ...

I had to show you all the details, because it took so long to do that I wanted to share everything with you.  If you want to see more details about how the bedroom looked before you can read this post.  All the effort was totally worth it as we are enjoying the new room!

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  1. It looks GREAT!! Well worth the effort! Isn't it nice to have a master bedroom that feels complete? I know how good I felt after we made over ours. Problem is, it is now due for a pick-me-up but I am too lazy!!

    Hope you're enjoying your summer!

  2. Oh those eyebrow windows! They are my enemy.....you did a very good job considering you had a small indent in which to hang the rod. I've seen builders leave no space at all for a rod that would be wide enough for the window. Love the added bottom on the drapes. The whole room looks fresh and relaxing....nice job.

  3. Your bedroom looks wonderful! Rehanging the window treatment really was a big change...and very dramatic!

  4. Beautiful room! I especially love the curtains!!

  5. It looks great. You did a fantastic job on the curtains. The new layout makes such a big difference. I can see why you are pleased with your room.

  6. Grace the room looks fabulous. Love your solution for the drapes, adding the second row of ribbon looks so custom. Great re-do.

  7. It looks great! I love that you decided to bring the curtains all way way up to the ceiling.

    I'm really jealous of your headboard, too!

  8. Your bedroom looks great! :) I love your vanity too. So beautiful.

  9. Beautiful job! I love the colours on the walls, those drapes, it all has a very serene and calm feel to it.

  10. Grace! Beautiful! I admire how you hung the drapes - perfect for those hard-to-curtain windows. I love the juxtaposition in your room - a cool modern colour mixed with warm antique-y wood pieces. Elegant and restful. Well done!

  11. Congratulations on a job well done. I'm visiting from StoneGable. Hope you'll stop by and see my homemade gnocchi tutorial.


  12. Grace, you new room arrangement works so much better! Kudos to your for making such a pretty difference in your room. I love the medallion over your bed! Thanks for sharing with us at TUTORIALS TIPS AND TIDBITS!

  13. Looks good, i like the new rearrangement of furniture and wall colors. i think it'd be really fabulous if you do a built in book case (justagirlblog.com/billy-bookcases-diy/) where you have your book cases right now. It'd filled the wall and plus more storage!! But really loving the new space :) Great job Grace!

  14. I am so glad I did not miss this post. Wow, Grace, your master looks divine...seriously Candice Olsen has nothing on you, my friend! It is so soothing, and I know you are going to enjoy it so much! Great job!!! I do not know what element I like best, but it might be the chandy!!!


  15. Changing the placement of the drapes made a huge difference in the room! Great job on everything!