Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Things I Learned from the Dundurn Castle Kitchen Garden

We visited Dundurn Castle in Hamilton, Ontario recently (which you can read about here) and one of the treasures is the kitchen garden. I learned a few things from touring the garden.  I probably would have learned even more if we had taken the guided tour, but the tour wasn't until the afternoon so I guided myself through the garden and here are the important things I learned:

1. Gardens look best when they are organized.  The garden at Dundurn Castle is surrounded by a tall wooden fence and then divided by pathways into rectangular sections.  Just inside the main gate is a round decorative garden and at the opposite end of the garden is a beautiful little garden shed, which leads me to the second thing I learned.

2.  Every garden should have an adorable garden shed.

3.  The interior of the garden shed will look amazing painted cobalt blue.

4.  And if said garden shed is filled with vintage gardening tools and mason jars to keep seeds in it will both look good and be useful.

5. Hanging beautiful braids of garlic from the rafters will add enormously to the atmosphere and will later add enormously to the tastiness of your cooking.

6.  Sticks and string make good frugal supports for growing bean plants.

7.  And a costumed guide helping with the gardening chores gives just the right touch - every garden should have one.

Anyone else truly, madly, deeply in love with that garden shed?  I thought I would see a bunch of hands waving in the air.  Yeah, me too.

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  1. yep me too. I wish mine was nice instead of a dented old metal one from the 70s. J

  2. I really like the gardens here. Beautiful photos. Pamela

  3. Yes, that garden shed is a winner!

  4. Love that colour of blue. I am in the process of designing our backyard "garden" and I have always loved the idea of a garden that has a lovely little spot like that for storage!!

  5. That shed is pretty adorable. I think its great to have a place to keep all your garden tools....keeping them in the garage is such just a hassle. We really need to make a trip to see this castle ...seriously!

  6. Totally understand your shed crush. :o) My shed has nothing but junk in it. In fact, I avoid even opening the door. Maybe that will be a project for this fall...thanks for sharing. Great inspiration and motivation.

  7. Oh yes, I would love to play with the canning jars and baskets.

  8. There are certainly a lot of things you can learn while travelling but who knew you could pick up gardening tips? Thanks very much for sharing. :)