Thursday, March 17, 2011

March Break Up-date

We are having a busy crazy March Break this year with appointments and sickness and 'to do' lists.

Speaking of crazy - someone I know has crazy hair, badly in need of a haircut.  Also speaking of crazy - someone I know put a green St. Patrick's day bow on their dog and made them pose in their new suitcase.  Right before they went and had some surgery too!  Yep a little St. Patrick's Day surgery to remove some lumps from her belly.

Speaking of new suitcases, I've been meaning to show you my new thrift store find.  I think hubby thought I had finally lost my marbles when I brought this home, but the kids like it because the latches make a very cool and satisfying 'clunk' when you open them.

Did you notice the initials on the top - yep this suitcase belonged to ...

Mary Poppins!  How cool is that!

I wouldn't have bought it if the inside was gross, but it is really clean and pretty.

In other news ... today we introduced an acoustic guitar into the family.  I hope it gets along with the electric guitar and mandolin already living here.

In other other news... I finally got around to hemming three pair of pants that have been waiting to be done.  Just so you can fully appreciate how amazing that is, hemming one of these pair of pants was on my 'to do' list last summer (you can read the list up-date here). Yah me!

Up-date:  Juno did well in the surgery and is just waking up.  She's a trouper, that little one.


  1. I am gad Juno is doing well. I love it! Mary Poppins' suitcase! You are too cute, Grace! I bet your kiddos love you!

  2. Glad Juno is on the mend. You've had a busy March Break! Ticking things off the to-do list is very satisfying (I had three pairs of pants to mend for my sister's kids~check!) Love the suitcase. Reminds me of those we had growing up, and how I couldn't wait to get rid of them and replace them with cool new duffle bags. I want them back!

  3. Here's to getting the trouser hemming off your list!

  4. I love that "clunk"! You just don't get the same thing with a zipper.
    Good job on getting the pants done. I have so many things hanging over my head now, I just want to run away!