Sunday, March 20, 2011

Living the Dream

My heart beat a little faster when I saw these photos of this sweet little vintage Airstream trailer that has been lovingly made-over on Kara Paslay Design's blog.  I wanted to make sure you saw them so I've done  a recap here.

Any one else have a secret desire to ditch it all, buy a trailer, and travel for a year or so?  Well that's just what Tiffany and her husband have done.  They purchased a 1973 Airstream, refurbished it, named it Eddie, and are travelling around the southwestern US right now.  You can read about their adventures on their website.

The Airstream was in need of a makeover, both on the inside and the outside.  

Here's how it looked before.  We usually think of Airstreams as being silver, but for a time in the 70s they were produced in this cream colour with green trim.

They repaired and repainted the exterior a glossy white,

and added a gray and white striped awning.

The interior was also given a white-over.  Here's how it looked when they bought it.

They've repaired, and painted, and recovered, and decorated and now it looks just plain incredible inside.  

New laminate flooring was laid down to add some classy warmth to the space.

Here's how the bed at the end of the trailer looked when they started.  

It was a pullout couch, which they chose to make into a permanent bed with lots of cushions for day use.  I adore the crisp white walls and fresh bedding and cushions.

The kitchen area also received a makeover including installing a red stove, 

and a metallic strip on the wall to hold the useful (metal bowls) and adorable (felt animal heads).

They also added a new larger sink with a goose-neck faucet and butcher block counters. 

The end of the kitchen cabinets was originally particleboard which has now been replaced with hardwood and then decorated with a laminated photograph of their favourite piece of art done by a friend.  What a perfect way to take along some personal art in such a small space.

Opposite the kitchen is a bench that was recovered to rid it of its icky 70s foam and fabric.

They are presently working on the bathroom and will have before-and-afters on their blog when it is completed.

I don't know about you, but I have completely itchy feet and would love to be out travelling in a sweet vintage Airstream!


  1. What a labour of love! Love the art idea.

  2. I love vintage airstreams!!! The beach we visit every year, Seaside, FL, has vintage Airstreams off the beach that sells all kinds of treats, from sushi to soft serve ice cream!

  3. I always think it would be so fun to do up a cute lil trailer---you could do such fun things inside that you wouldn't normally do in your home.

    Looking forward to catching up on a bit of your life! :)

  4. That is really cute. I didn't know they came in that color. They did a great job with the inside.

  5. gracie,
    thank you for such wonderful post!! for everyone reading, the end couch that is now a day bed, we did not have a picture of.. the one shown is the closest we could find to what it looked like before, although it actually looks much nicer than what ours did.
    thank you again for the kind words!!!