Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Many Thanks

I have been fortunate to have found some wonderful bloggy friends since I started my blog over a year ago- one of them being Kat from Low Tide High Style.  I am constantly in awe of the amazing pictures Kat takes.  She lives out in the country and some of her favourite subjects to photograph are birds, trees, flowers, the river (or creek as she calls it), and even her dogs.  Kat recently opened an Etsy shop where she sells note cards that feature some of the photographs she has taken.  

The other day, Kat sent me some of her note cards - for no reason at all - it wasn't a giveaway or my birthday or anything.  Isn't that just the sweetest thing to do.   The cards she sent me have a photograph of some lovely ranunculus flowers in the softest most delicate shades of cream and green - I love them.  The note cards are made of thick paper with the the highest quality printing, so if you are in need of some cards you should consider these ones.  You can see Kat's other card designs at her Etsy store here.  Kat didn't ask me to review her cards. I'm just saying this because it is what I honestly think.

Thanks a bunch Kat!


I have been noticing on my blog stats that I continually get traffic from the same sources every month.  I am very grateful to those blogs not only for sending people my way, but also because they happen to be blogs that I personally follow and enjoy.   So to give a little back to these sites that are near and dear to me, I thought I would give the top six referring blogs a shout out in case you didn't know about them.  All of these blogs are, without fail, filled with high quality writing, photos, and content which make them a joy to read.

I'm all about making things fun, so I made a little game to test your blog knowledge.  I created a  collage so you can see how many of these rooms you  can recognize - each one is from one of my top referring blogs (it does rather look like someone sleeps in the garden - you'll have to pop over to her blog for an explanation).  Scroll down to the bottom for the answer.

Here are the top six referring sites:

1) Savvy Southern Style - Kim is such a helpful, sweet Southern lady who is a DIY energizer bunny.  She is constantly painting and changing things in her house with amazing skill and style.  Kim also has a very successful linky party every Wednesday, so hop on over there for some serious inspiration.

2) Rambling Renovators - I've met Jen and her hubby and they are both the sweetest.  They are renovating their Toronto home with uber style, one room at a time.  So much style, in fact, that Nate Berkus recently had Jen on his show - way to go Jen!  When there aren't renovation and decorating posts to read, we get to enjoy posts about their adorable soon-to-be two year old daughter, Chloe.  

3) The House that A-M Built - A-M is a lovely blogger from Australia whom I have known since my early days of blogging.  A few years ago she designed and built an amazing house that had one of my all time favourite kitchens in it.  She has since moved from there and has dealt with some difficult life events with amazing panache.  A-M's got guts, brains, wisdom, and style - a fantastic combination and I'm looking forward to seeing where life takes her.

4) Colour Me Happy - Maria was one of my original followers (really, she was probably amongst the first 20 followers) and I feel incredibly grateful that she found my blog so that I could find hers.  Maria is a colour consultant in Vancouver who writes one of those blogs where you not only have pretty pictures, but you learn something about decorating or colours every time you log on.  Her blog has become such a success over the past year and I feel like a proud mama watching it grow and develop.  

5) Centsational Girl - Kate is definitely a DIY wonderkid of the blog world.  There ain't nothing she can't tackle.  I love her style and her can-do attitude.  Her blog has become a phenomenal success over the past two years and it is obvious why when you read her well-written, well thought out posts.  She has had a couple of linky parties and I still get referrals from my linking up to her bathroom and "where we blog" posts.  

6) My French Country Home - Sharon, originally from Britian, lives in France with her husband and children in a gorgeous home in Normandy surrounded by fields and horses and flowers.  She is an amazing photographer so her blog is a visual delight and Sharon is a kind and generous soul whom I have come to know over this past year.

Thanks so much to all of you for putting me on your sidebar or having linky parties.  You are all much appreciated.

Here are the answers to the picture collage:
1 = The House that A-M Built
2 = Colour me Happy
3 = Rambling Renovators
4 = Centsational Girl
5 = Savvy Southern Style
6 = My French Country Home

Well, how many of the rooms did you identify?


  1. Hi Grace...this is really interesting. Can you explain how to find blog stats? My blog perhaps is too new but I'm curious now. This was really nice of you but I'm not surprised. You are a nice person! ~Ann

  2. That is a fun game! I only follow one of those blogs, so I might need to check-out the other five! The notecards are so pretty. How sweet of Kat to send them to you!!! You will be needing them with the wedding coming up; they will come in handy!

  3. Grace, you were one of the very first blog friends I made here in blogland. You have given me sage advice, been there throughout the ups and downs of blogging, inspired me, and I truly appreciate everything you do for me! I'm glad you liked the cards and thank you for this very sweet post! I know most of your top 6 blogs, but I can't wait to check out those I've never visited before!

    Thank you for being such a wonderful friend!

    Kat :)

  4. Grace, thank you for your kind words. Your blog is a breath of fresh air and a daily delight for me. So lovely of you to mention my blog. A-M xx

  5. So fun - I only scored 50% on your quiz so I'll have to check out the blogs I'm not familiar with! I love A-M's blog too; she inspires me every day.

    Thank you for the thank you. It was wonderful to meet you and watch your blog grow over the year. Thanks for bringing some sense & simplicity to MY day :)

  6. Kat is a sweetheart. What a special package to receive. I recongized several of the blogs from your photos....that bed from Sharon which I have been admiring from her post.

  7. Wow, thanks Grace for the shout out. Sorry I missed this post. Trying to go through all my party links takes up all my time. I am so glad I am sending traffic your way.

  8. Grace, thank you so much for this sweet post!! That's so fun that I was one of your first followers, it's been a while for both of us, thank you so much for your support of my blog!!

  9. What a great post. I have already enjoyed perusing these blogs this morning. What a treat!

  10. Grace, I just got back from a long weekend, so this thank you comes a little late. You are too sweet to mention me, thank you. I LOVE all the other blogs you mention, and I'm honoured to be in such smart company!