Monday, March 7, 2011

The Best of March

Well February was a blast - of winter that is!  Just kidding.  It actually was fun as we had a lot of celebrating to do with my birthday and our 30th wedding anniversary and Valentine's day and yet another snowstorm - oh wait - scratch that last one.

Now that March has rolled around it is time to post about the ten things I am looking forward to doing this month.  I've been doing a post like this every month and I have to say that it has really helped me find things to appreciate each month during winter - which can be a little hard to love after awhile in my opinion.

Here's my March list:

1.  Booking our flights to Bangladesh - My friend Kim and I are in the midst of booking our flights.  It involves lots of meetings and looking things up and planning.  It is a very complicated itinerary as I'm hoping to have a week in France with hubby before Bangladesh and then to go to India for almost a week after our time in Bangladesh.  I will be going to India with Kim and her husband and daughter, who will be joining us at the end of our stay.  Well that's the plan anyway.   We've been checking out websites and places to visit and train times and plane times and ... It should all be settled in the next week or so.  Very exciting!

2.  Pussy Willows - Today I noticed the first tips of the pussy willow buds starting to peek through, which is amazing since there is snow all over the ground where the bush is growing.  I love the other flowering bushes too, but there is something so exciting about seeing the pussy willow start to grow because it is such a harbinger of things to come.

3.  The first flowers in the garden - It isn't long after the pussy willows start that we see forsythia and even some of the bulbs starting to flower.  It is always so reassuring to me that we always see flowers in March even if it is only in the most sheltered and protected gardens, but they are there none the less.   I know here in the Toronto area April and May are the real months for spring bulbs, but March is when the first crocuses and early daffodils start.

4.  Shrove Tuesday - There's nothing like pancakes for dinner.   Count me and the kids in, but hubby doesn't think they are food so we will have to scrounge up some spaghetti for him.

5.  March Break - Wahoo - a week off work.  It always seems a long time from the Christmas holidays to Easter so the March break is a welcome break.

6.  Early spring at the cottage - We usually go to the cottage for a few days during the March break.  The lake is still usually covered in ice and usually we can walk on it.  There is usually snow in places in the woods, but we can go out for walks and enjoy the woods and look for signs of spring.  The weather is quite variable though, so we never know till we are there what it will be like - sometimes it is more like a winter wonderland and sometimes it is more like a mud wonderland.

7.  Going with Malcolm and Christie and Christie's mother to select and order the food for the wedding - We are going to the restaurant in St. Jacob's that will be providing the food for the wedding to decide what and how much to order and then we will have a bite to eat.  It sounds like a fun outing.

8.  Daylight Savings -  I love that the days are getting longer and with daylight savings we will have an hour more daylight every evening.  

9.  St. Patrick's Day - We usually do a little something to celebrate St. Patrick's day.  Some of us drink Guinness, and some of us wear green, and most of us eat something Irish.

10.  Getting pots of flowering bulbs to decorate the table - I love getting pots of crocuses or daffodils or tulips to decorate the dining room table.  They make everything seem so springy even if it isn't cooperating outside.

Anyone else have favourite things they look forward to in March?


  1. Hey, Grace!!! Your trip is going to be fantastic! I can't wait to read all about it! I love March. It is one of my favorite months. We celebrate St. Patrick's Day on the 17th, Big Mama's 91st birthday on the 18th, and our 23rd anniversary on the 19th. Life is good in March :D

    Thanks for sharing your exciting list with us!

    Ricki Jill

  2. Such a fun March list! I'm with you on March Break, we can hardly wait. We are planning a trip to St. Jacobs and the livestock exchange on the break (weather permitting.) I'm looking forward to stopping at the gift shop and quilt store at the Crossroads.

  3. How exciting Grace! Beautiful pics here. Thanks for stopping by.

  4. My freesias are beginning to blossom, and I just love the scent!
    I'm considering making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday, to welcome a little ceremony into my life - and then might even observe Lent... for the sake of my character, not my soul.

  5. I'm soooo ready for Spring! We just got hit with another snow storm, which dropped 14 inches over night! I can't see any pussy willows here yet! Uggh . . . I am looking forward to longer days and the birth of our son, of course!

  6. I look forward to some flowers and green grass! Even here in Fl everything turned so brown this year. I love pancakes for dinner too. :)

  7. Things don't really pick up here until April, so March isn't usually a fun month for us. But yours sounds great! You have a lot of fun things lined up!

    I did see one little forget-me-not poking out of the ground today. :)