Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Little Blue Boxes

When Kate and hubby went to New York just before Christmas (which you can read more about here), they spent some time at Tiffanys - well actually they spent a little more than time.   They bought Kate and me souvenir porcelain boxes along with a little something else for me.   I don't know what that something else is yet because I won't open the present because it looks so pretty and because I'm strange like that.  I think maybe I'll just savour the pretty box and ribbon until my birthday in February.  I might - just might - be ready to open it then.

I loved the look of the three pretty blue boxes - two with red ribbon for Christmas and one with the traditional white - under the Christmas tree.  On Boxing Day I cleaned all the needles up that had fallen on the tree skirt and had a little photo shoot.  The lighting was perfect and it was so much fun.  I think our Christmas tree skirt looks like it was meant to have Tiffany boxes on it, don't you?



  1. How beautiful, Grace! You're right, the lighting WAS perfect.

    Are you REALLY capable of saving Christmas presents until February?? You must be superwoman.

  2. You are extremely disciplined, my friend. Of course I am down here in Alabama chanting:

    O-pen IT! O-pen IT! O-pen IT!

    *giggles* I am here to help....

    The boxes are so pretty, and one of my favorite color combinations is the Tiffany Blue and Crimson.

    Ricki Jill

  3. Are you seriously not going to open that box until February??? You are a better man that I am Gunga Din!

  4. I totally get it. Savour away. You will know when you are ready. What a delicious bit of anticipation.

  5. I have always wanted a gift in that little blue box. Savor every minute of it! But when you open the box, let us know what was in it!!

    Beautiful pictures.

  6. Grace you are stronger than I, a Tiffany Box under my tree would have been opened as soon as possible. But they do look nice on the tree skirt, you could open them and keep the boxes and ribbons as decor. Let us now what you receive.

  7. Wow! What willpower! My birthday is also in February, but I could never wait to open the coveted blue box! Lucky you! AWESOME job on the pictures! They look like something out of a magazine!

  8. Ok, clearly we can't be friends if you aren't opening that box until February! ;-) I would have opened it BEFORE Christmas!!!

    And your photo shoot was lovely! Now, go open it...I'm dying to know what's inside that box! I think I've been watching too much Ugly Betty...I'm becoming one of the mean girls!

    Kat :)

  9. 'Til February? You are a very patient woman, Grace.

  10. Cute little boxes! I'm thinking of using them as packaging for my little gifts.