Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Jonathan

Today just happens to be my dear husband's birthday.

I could write as many little tidbits about him as the number of years he is celebrating like I did for the kids, but I won't because ... well let's just say we don't have time.  However, I can tell you five things I love about him:

1)  He's smart! Not only does he write books and have numerous degrees, but he was smart enough to marry me.

2)  He loves museums and art galleries.  Which makes two of us and that means we like to go to the same places when we travel.  Not only does he love musuems and art galleries, but he knows an awful lot (see #1) so if I need to know an historical fact or why something is important when we are in said museum or art gallery, he usually knows the answer.  It's like travelling with my own Google machine.

3)  He's honest.  He works thoroughly and diligently in his academic work so his books are of the highest standard and he is honest and astute in his analysis of life.

4) He is able to dress up or dress down which I think is a wonderful balance to have.  He looks suave in a suit and dashing in jeans.  I love that he can handle both ends of the spectrum with ease.

5)  He loves spaghetti.  I don't mean a little bit, I mean he lived on it for 6 months straight when he was doing a contract in England several years ago.   He still loves it, but we don't love it quite as much as he does, so we insist on eating other things as well.  

Happy birthday and love you bunches!


  1. What a sweet dedication to your hubby!
    Happy Birthday Jonathan! I'm not surprised
    at how great he is after getting to know you this year!
    Hopefully one day you will make it out here on the island and i will cook you a pasta dinner to die for ...true authentic Italian!! It would be my pleasure!

  2. Those are lovely sentiments about your husband. My husband and I are always making notes on what we need to go home and google beacuse we don;t know. Happy Birthday!

  3. Happy birthday Jonathan. Clever man indeed! It seems you both made very good partner choices :)

  4. You have a gem of a husband and show how much you appreciate him!! Very nice tribute Grace!

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  5. Thanks for sharing, Grace! I hope Jonathan had a Happy Birthday! I think you married a keeper. I love reading about happy couples. I probably need to send you my baked spaghetti recipe, LOL!

  6. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband Grace!! He sounds like a great person, and the perfect match for you!

    Kat :)

  7. There's nothing like an ode to your significant other. Happy Birthday to your hubby!