Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Festive Snowmen

Back in October I made pumpkin jar lanterns (which you can see here) with the class for students with language-learning disabilities that I work with.  The students loved them so much that they asked to make Santas at Christmas time.  I did a little Google research and couldn't find a Santa, but I did find these adorable snowmen (see photo here).  

The teacher and I loved the idea so we gathered all the materials together and over the past week made the snowmen with the class.  The students had to think up rhyming words or break a word into its sounds or tell us the first and last sound in a word in order to get each piece they needed to complete the project.  I also took photos of the snowmen as we made them, so the students could write a book describing the sequence of steps involved in the project. 

Have a look at our versions of the mason jar snowmen - aren't they adorable.  Ours look a trifle more colourful and flashy than the original, don't you think?

They make me smile every time I look at them. 

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  1. These are so sweet and cute. The kids did a great job.

    Have a lovely Christmas ~ FlowerLady

  2. Adorable!... I like both versions, and I'm sure the kids are very proud of their creations.

  3. Aw, Grace! How adorable! I do think y'all's are much cuter and have much, much more personality than the original ones. What a cute idea! I wish you were my daughter's Speech/Language Pathologist. She would have loved such a fun activity :D

  4. Those are cute! The kids gave theirs much more personality, in my opinion!

  5. Your snowmen are WAY more flashy and colourful than the originals - love them! I'm a bit partial to the one in the purple hat :-)

    From the sound of it, students AND teachers had fun making them :-)

    { I gave you the Stylish Blogger Award :-) You can pick it up here: }

  6. These are so cheerful! I love the kid's the best!!

  7. So fun! The best, and sometimes most chaotic, fun in our class is also craft time. And boy, have we been up to our eyeballs in crafts these past two weeks :)

  8. Fun!

    Come enter to win a free paper bead necklace from Heart Strings for Orphans!

  9. What materials are needed to make these adorable festive snowmen?