Friday, January 1, 2010


It's taken two years of blog reading and I've finally taken the plunge myself. My husband, helpfully, suggested I commit to one month, but I thought I could do one year. I'll be posting about things near and dear to my heart - family, food, decorating, pretty photos, and travel. It will be done on a simple homey scale as that is me, through and through.

My name is Gracie, I'm a Speech-Language Pathologist, and I live with my family near Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Some of the major players in my life include my husband, Jonathan, and my three children - Malcolm (22), Kate (17), and William (15) - and I can't forget about our dog. The rest of us are too shy to put our photo up on a public blog, so I gave you a photo of our dog, Juno instead.


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