Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Favourite Shoes

I have to start of by saying that I love the blog You Look Fab.  Angie often talks about her difficulty finding shoes that are comfortable 8-hour shoes and that look good as well.  I can really sympathize - having wide feet, with high insteps that cause me no end of problems.  Well, I recently bought these Clark shoes and I love them.  They have a 2 inch heel, which for me is high, but they are so comfortable I can wear them all day and even wear them on purpose if my feet are sore as they seem to align them properly and my feet feel better wearing them.  Wierd, huh?  Especially, given that I usually wear flats or very low heels.


  1. The toe part is also really comfortable. I like the little gathers down the top part, which make me feel very put-together when I look down at my feet.

  2. Not really wierd. Clarks have been making high quality shoes in Street, Somerset, England ever since I was a child. I'm now retired! I wore Clarks sandals and lace-ups all through my school days, and they supplied shoe shops with measuring apparatus for your feet. It worked, my feet are terrific shape even now, after having worked for years in an airport with 12 hour shifts on my feet. Gaviota from Spain