Saturday, July 10, 2010

Baby Steps

I've been working on my summer to-do list (you can see the complete list here ) and making some headway.  I'm afraid it isn't very exciting stuff but it sure does make a difference around here.  If you are a neatnick then you should probably leave now, cause I'm only a neatnick wannabe and you might be a little scared by what you see.

1.  The most exciting thing we did was decide on the style of cabinet hardware that we are going to use in the kitchen when I paint the cabinets - they are sort of simple, sort of transitional.  The thing we have to finalize is whether to go with the brushed nickel or the burnished gold coloured handles.

2. Next I tackled the messy cupboard near the sink.  This cupboard was hard to access because the doors didn't swing all the way open, so it became the repository for misc items.

Yikes - can't believe I posted that.  Here it is all sorted with the doors removed.  We actually would like to have glass put in the cupboard doors but I'm not sure how to do that, so in the meantime I'm kind of liking the open shelf look (hubby less so).  The new baskets allow us to still store things on the shelves but they look all purty.  I also bought some beadboard to put on the back of the shelves, which I will tackle soon.

3.  I also painted the inside of the cabinet under the sink. For your viewing pleasure I even took some before shots (and this was after I had scrubbed the area, but it just wouldn't come clean anymore).

It looks so clean I hate to use it.

4.  Are you still with me?  I completely understand if you have gone off to read a blog full of inspiring design photos.  If you are still reading, the next thing I did was organize the basement storage room - really the less said the better.  It all started with some things that got put on the floor in the way of reaching the shelves and next thing you know we had a disaster in the storage room.  You couldn't even open the door all the way. I have a photo of the before but just don't have the nerve to post it.  It has been put aright and here it is - still a lot of stuff, but it is all back in its proper spots and lots tossed or given away.

Finally, I've had a new inspiration on the colour for the kitchen cabinets so stay tuned.  I'll begin painting just as soon as I get rid of my last child (oops, did I actually write that?) - I mean weep sadly as my youngest goes off to camp for 5 weeks and I have the entire basement to set up as my painting workshop.  In the meantime, I'm trying to do projects that don't involve taking over the house. 

Further up-dates coming soon.


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  1. I wonder what's up with July and cleaning cupboards? I am doing the same thing! Have finished all but two now! What an accomplishment.
    I simply adore your before and after photos. Mine were so bad, I wouldn't have had the nerve. :)
    Now I just open them up and peer proud of myself.

  2. Good on you for tackling some of the items on your to-do list - I really like the open cabinet look with the shelving - everything is arranged so beautifully and it makes a wonderful display. Painting the shelf under the sink has made a huge difference too.

  3. Nice improvements--it psychologically gives one a good feeling to do this!

  4. Hi Grace!

    First i didn't get a chance to comment yesterday. What beautiful photos of your son and his finance! I enjoyed them.

    I like the handle you chose very simple and sleek. You know that cupboard under the sink never stays clean or can you ever get it clean. I think they all look like that!
    Good luck tackling that storage room! I have one now just like it and everytime i walk into it i back right out again!
    I'm can't wait to see the colour you are going with...I'm thinking either creamy white or your venturing into the greys? Am i close?
    Are you really going to paint in this heat? My girlfriend back home is doing just that, painting her cupboards in this heat and her A/C died!

  5. Wow you have been a very busy girl, and everything is looking wonderful...and so neat! I can't wait to see more of your kitchen as it continues to progress!!

    Kat :)

  6. I am always amazed at what a coat of paint can do!

  7. Oh I think you're more than an organisational wannabee Grace! I am very impressed. I love the look of the cupboard without the doors on...shall we twist hubby's arm for you? And I would kill for a basement! Look forward to seeing the cupboards painted. One of the things on my list as well.

  8. Nothing like a good clean and sort to get you feeling all refreshed and energised, is there? Very impressive, it looks great! As you know, I love a good kitchen makeover, so I can't wait to see what colour you choose - exciting! K xx

  9. Hi Grace! I love these kinds of posts. You really inspired me to go tackle some chaos areas in my kitchen. You did a great job freshening up these areas...and we all have that nasty look under the sink. Awesome job!