Monday, July 26, 2010

Welcome Gina from Three Ring Cottage

I'm excited to have Gina from Three Ring Cottage doing a guest post today.  I met Gina fairly soon after I started my blog and we quickly became friends.  Although Gina lives in Texas and I live in Ontario, Canada, we have a lot in common - we are both pediatric Speech-Language Pathologists, we both started out blogs at the same time, and most surprisingly, her father's family came from Ontario.  It is indeed a small world!  I would encourage you to head on over to her blog, if you don't already know it, so you can read about her lovely home and her love of all things rusty, chippy, and vintage.

Thank you Gina for doing a guest post today.


I was so excited when Grace asked if I would participate in her summer series of Mondays’ guest posts. Here are the questions and answers I chose to share with you. Hope you enjoy.

If you could choose, would you like a personal assistant, a personal chef, a gardener, or a chauffeur? This is any easy one: personal assistant! In my professional life, I am a pediatric speech-language pathologist (SLP). I work with children who have speech/language/communication disorders. Any SLP will tell you that it is a wonderful career but the paperwork is ridiculous. So, I would like a personal assistant who could assist both with professional tasks like paperwork and personal tasks. I’ve always said that if I won the lottery, I would continue to work because I love it but I would donate my salary to charity and hire a paperwork assistant…in a second.

What era would you choose to live in with respect to style and design? The era I live in now. That may sound like a cop-out but I love so many different styles that if I lived in one era, I couldn’t use things from a different one. By living in today’s era, I can use all of the vintage and antique things I find along with rusted junk that’s interesting. I can also throw in some modern things I might like too.

What is your favourite way to entertain (e.g., BBQ, fancy party, informal get together for pizza, etc.)? Informal get-togethers! I’m a down-to-earth girl who doesn’t like formal events. I like hanging out with close friends and family watching a sporting event, playing games or just talking and laughing. Grill some burgers or BBQ, order pizza, make a pot of soup, I don’t care as long as there is also some good ol' southern sweet iced tea to drink. I just want to be myself and have fun. 

What are 3 colours you love and do you have them in both your home and your wardrobe? It’s funny but I do have the same colors in my home and wardrobe. My favorite color is red. I have red tops and shirts and lots of red in my home. I wear a lot of black pants, especially to work and I have black in my home. I once read somewhere that every room should have at least a bit of black somewhere because it grounds the room. I don’t know if that’s true but I do have at least a bit of black in probably every room. Now comes the hard part, picking a third color. It’s hard to narrow down my remaining three colors to just one. In both my wardrobe and home, I have lots of blue (especially denim), brown and cream. I just don’t think I can pick just one.

a little bit of red

If you could live in a house anywhere in the world for one month - where would it be and what type of house? It would probably be a huge old farmhouse in the northeast US or northwest US. A month would give me lots of time to shop all of the flea markets, vintage stores and antique shops in that area. I’ve always dreamed of living in a huge farmhouse but since I’m a bit of a city girl, it would be hard for me to do that.

What 3 words would you use to describe your decorating style? Farmhouse, vintage, comfortable.




If you could have one decorator help you work on your house who would it be and why? It would have to be Sarah Richardson. When she does cottage/farmhouse style, it’s just so me. I love how she uses neutrals but with blues and reds, how she uses old furniture and vintage pieces, and how her spaces are so calming and relaxing. Her spaces seem like rooms you could really live in.  I know she's from Canada, anyone know her?

Sarah Richardson

What is the most meaningful item in your home (not including family, of course)? I have so many because the most meaningful things in my home come from my family. I have things that have been passed down through the generations which mean so much. I have things from my childhood and from my parents that have so much sentimental meaning attached. Some things I love may be a bit strange to others but I see those things and wonderful memories flood back to me. So, I can’t pick just one thing that is more meaningful than anything else but I can pick one thing that is an example of all of the other things. This is my Dad’s jeweler’s loop. It just hangs around the house. He was a manufacturing jeweler for over 40 years (he created/made and repaired jewelry as opposed to owning a jewelry store). He wore this loop the entire 40 years. I remember him walking around the “shop” in downtown Dallas and at home where he had a small shop in the garage wearing this thing to work or popping it up on his head while he talked to me.


  1. What a gorgeous woman. I love her answers and I love the questions too. Great post Grace..Rachaelxx

  2. Thanks for having me, Grace. This was fun and I enjoyed writing and sharing it.

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  4. Makes me so proud of my wonderful neighbor! Gina is such a great person and talented too... awesome post! ~ kim

  5. Interesting and loved the pictures.

  6. Thanks for this!! Always a treat!