Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Winter Sideboard and Mantel

After the whirlwind that is Christmas all I want is to create simple sideboard and mantel arrangements that will see me through until the spring. Something calm and easy on the eyes, but still pretty.

I added some colour to the sideboard by embracing the warm side of the palette - red, pink, and orange. I was inspired by the fresh colours in the plates that I re-hung on the wall ... after not being able to find them for TWO YEARS.  Yep, two years ago I took them down to hang up the Christmas plates and very carefully put them away so they wouldn't get broken. When I went to put them back up, I couldn't find them anywhere and it has taken all this time for them to reappear.  Welcome back fruit plates.

I like that I can change out the flowers when needed to any red, pink, orange, or even white flowers or maybe even add a potted plant (which is a good thing because shortly after I took these photos the hydrangeas wilted and only half of them recovered). The carved oranges are fully dried now - with the more orangey ones being from the Christmas craft party this year and the more brownish ones being from the craft party last year. They are honestly the easiest hit of natural colour ever. I went wild with the tablecloth just because I love how cheery the colours are. And I couldn't figure out any other place to put the red tissue paper flower I made for the husband's birthday so I hung it from the top of the mirror.

The mantel is still very neutral with a collection of white stoneware across the middle and warm browns on either side with the bracket fungus and the brown pot holding the plant on the other side. That plant has been alive through two summers in the garden and this is its second winter indoors.  I love how it looks like a bonsai.

Do you change up your mantel and sideboard. It's one of my favourite ways to decorate our home.


  1. I wonder if your runner is linen? I made some linen tea towels out of fabric with those red stripes...I love the limelight hydrangeas...they really make a statement.
    On your mantel I love the contrast of the white vessels beneath that wonderful framed piece...which looks like a charcoal sketch...did someone in your family make it?
    Lovely to see you found the lost plates too.

  2. I love your soft colors with the bold pops of red. This might be me favorite sideboard so far! I love the coolness of your mantel for winter, too.

  3. I still don't have a finished mantel to decorate. World's slowest diy-er lol. The colours are so pretty and I'm glad you found your lovely plates. The tureen has lovely details and I really like the red transferware pitcher. The sticks in the vase are very pretty too.