Sunday, January 4, 2015

New Year's in the Snow

We went to the cottage for a few days over New Year's and ended up staying a day longer because of a snowstorm. It is lovely to be snowed in (or even only semi-snowed in) when you aren't in a rush to get home.

Over the course of three days we went from having only a little bit of snow in the bush

to a lot of snow everywhere.

There were crazy snowsqualls

with wild yetis wandering about on the lake and through the woods. The yetis do look vaguely familiar, I have to admit. They carried sticks for safety on the ice, but then became crazed circle-making machines.

We also had calm, sunny weather as well.

Most days began and ended with gentle sunsets and sunrises.

There were frozen puddles with oak leaves suspended in the ice

and snow dusting the dry oak leaves making them look like Christmas cookies

and shimmery ice crystals in the air

and a warm and cozy cabin to come back to

with the best view to admire while eating.

Our days were spent reading, chatting, and walking through the woods or on the lake.  

We welcomed the new year with a meal of Nigerian Curry and an evening playing a murder mystery game and a toast of champagne at midnight.

And after we had eaten every shred of food we brought, we left pulling our bags on the toboggans.

 The end!



  1. Those pictures are so beautiful! There's something magical about being in the woods when it's snowing. Your cabin looks like a wonderful place to spend time with your family.

  2. Hello Grace! Thanks for your kind comment on my blog. It's looking very...winter-like...outside again! Beautiful photos. I'll be delving further into your blog. Greetings from Quebec!

  3. What a wonderful excursion. It is indeed nice to be snowed in when you have enough supplies and time. I love all the photos - especially the one of the leaves with snow on them - they look like a pile of frosted cookies.

  4. What a stunning winter wonderland! We've had flooding rain for two weeks, but the sun FINALLY came out this morning. I am so happy to see the sunshine!

    I love the photo of the neat.....

  5. Lovely photos. It's true to be snowed in if you don't need to be anywhere else and of course if you have enough food .
    Those leaves covered in snow definitely resemble cinnamon biscuits. I've just been in Denmark staying in a similar cabin, so peaceful, not as much snow as you had

  6. Beautiful spot, Grace. Happy new year!