Friday, October 3, 2014

A Nasturtium-Inspired Home

I took these photos of the nasturtiums in our garden a few days ago. They are finally hitting their stride now that they are days weeks away from being done-in by a killer frost. They are full and lush and gorgeous. I just love the yellow and orange flowers against the gray-blue table. It's one of my favourite colour combinations.

All those dreamy blues and yellowy-oranges got me wondering what a nasturtium-inspired home would look like. Thanks to Pinterest and Google and other internet wonders I was able to bring my blue-mixed-with-yellow-gold-orange house to life. Let's have a look.


I'm glad you found us. Isn't it just as I described it - dark blue gray siding with a bright sunny yellow front door. Not everyone is as flowery in describing colours as I am, but it took me ages to find just the right shade of blue and yellow so I have to gush a little.

Come on inside. Do you like the wallpaper? I just had to use it somewhere in my home. It creates a big impact in a small space, don't you think?

Please have a seat in our living room. Would you like something to drink?


Why is it that everyone ends up in the kitchen when you entertain. Come in and make yourself comfortable while I finish dinner.

Katie Rosenfeld Design
I hope you're hungry because I've cooked lots of food. Please have a seat and I'll be right back with dinner (and maybe some cutlery since I seem to have forgotten to set the table).

It's such a cool evening - why don't we move to the library so we can sit by the fire and chat. Don't worry about the chairs - they may look like they are falling apart, but they're really tough as nails.

It's getting late isn't it? I'll show you to your room. This first room is our bedroom.

Southern Living

And just down the hall is the kid's bedroom. They are very tidy children, aren't they? Maybe that is because we only allow them to have one small, handcrafted wooden toy. It certainly helps keep the house in order.

Here's your bedroom.  I hope you are comfortable. There's everything you need - with some magazines to read, lots of pillows in case you are a two or three pillow type person, and a bowl ... hmmm ... can't remember why I left you a bowl?  I'm sure there was a good reason, but I can't remember it. At least it looks pretty.
And here is your bathroom. Careful you don't bonk your head on the light. I just had to have it even if it is a bit big for the bathroom.

Architect Design

I'm so glad you were able to come for a visit in our nasturtium-inspired home. It's not everyone that can fall in love with a colour combination and then stick with it ... thoughout ... every... last ... room, now is it?

p.s. you guys are the best with all your delightful comments on my last post - totally filled me with joy!


  1. I love your comments to the photos. Cracked me up...LOL Such pretty colors for sure. :) Kit

  2. Oh, such hospitality in such a beautiful home!! Love the color combination, cheerful yet calm. Great dinner - thanks! I appreciate all the pillows since I usually use 3-4 every night!

  3. Oh what a lovely home and you "pulled" it all together so nicely - and I must say, you are quick in the decorating area. How wonderful that you could "find" such beauties for your rooms, and they all went together so well. Now if we could just do that in real time we'd all be much happier - and less tired. LOL Loved the post. And yes, your "children" are so very tidy.

  4. This post made me smile...especially the part about allowing the children only one wooden toy...I should have done that! ;) I love your beautifully decorated home, and those nasturtiums are gorgeous!!! Ours finally had had enough during the heat of late August.

    xo Kat

  5. Love this color scheme! So vibrant and pleasing. Isn't it fun to pull ideas like this together? Have you checked out Polyvore or Olioboard? These are my go to sites for idea boards and playing around with ideas