Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Early Spring in Cottage Country

On the weekend we went to the cottage for a few days.  While it has warmed up and the snow and ice are gone in the Toronto area, it is still pretty wintery up in cottage country.  

This has been a record cold winter for all of Canada (thanks polar vortex) and the ice is late leaving the lake this year.  It was still frozen right to the shore all around the lake and the ice was over a foot thick.  Across the lake we could even see a few people out ice fishing (I have no idea why people think ice fishing is fun, but they sure spend a lot of time doing it).

There was snow all through the bush, but it was melting rapidly and forming little streams and icy puddles.

The most exciting thing, though, was to see the crocuses blooming only feet from mounds of snow.  

The road was too soft to drive on so we walked in from the main road carrying everything we needed.  We each got a book read and had lots of time to relax.  I love weekends like that. 

How was your Easter?  Was it the busy-busy-busy-with-family type or was it the low-key relaxing type?  


  1. Brrr! Our daughter was in Quebec City all last week and it was chilly there too, but I don't think they had much snow left. I love the photos from your trip to the cabin, it sounds like a perfect way to spend Easter. We had dinner with my family at my sister's house, so it was a little bit of both...some hectic, and some relaxed...just right!

    xo Kat

  2. Lovely photos Grace...and those first flowers are indeed exciting. Especially after the winter we all had. You are blessed to have a retreat to go to and unwind. We went to Chicago and spent the weekend with our son. It was wonderful but very busy. We went to Easter Mass at a National Shrine so that was for sure the highlight. Hope you are well...sounds like you are! ~Ann

  3. I love the photos you've shared. I can't believe there's still so much snow and ice! Wow. What did you read?