Friday, April 11, 2014

Blue is the New Black

I'm embracing the new blue trend.  

Last summer I painted our banker's chair in the family room a light navy shade (see photo below).  I love the colour and decided to paint the dining room chairs in it as well since they are in an adjoining room.

The blue is a bit lighter than a navy and not exactly royal blue.  It is sort of a marine blue.  And sort of like the centre of a blueberry. It's a really livable shade of blue - not too dark or light or bright.

We usually use a mix of chairs around the table which I wanted to unify by painting them a single colour.  Also our dining room chairs get heavy use so they were chipped around the edges and in need of a new paint.  The black of the IKEA chairs looked a bit dark with all the greens and blues and grays in the rest of the kitchen-dining-family room so I thought it would be nice to introduce the blue to the dining end of the room. 

I painted some of the IKEA chairs and one other blond wood chair in the navy.  Although I liked the light wood, we didn't have any other wood that colour and the chair had paint splotches and signs of wear on it.  So paint it, I did.  I love its lines and love how it looks in blue.

How do you feel about the blue trend?  Navy especially is all over the place these days - everything from clothes to interiors. I have always loved blue so this is a trend I love!


  1. I think those chairs make your room pop!
    I haven't seen many decorating magazines this Spring so am off trend but like how you have breathed new life into your dining space..fresh and fun.

  2. Looks fabulous. I am a big fan of blue and white so I have no problem with a blue trend. Not sure how I feel about navy blue but I do have my mind set on painting our night tables in a robin eggs blue.

  3. The chairs look awesome! You know I love blue and that is a gorgeous tone. I like how it ties in with the banker's chair, the pillows and rug, and the photo of the door you photographed (?) Hoping you are enjoying this milder weather. We have quite a bit of yard work if the ground ever dries out.

  4. I adore blue. Always have and probably always will. The blue chairs are fabulous. Hope you are enjoying spring!

  5. Blue is not my favorite color, but these chairs, I could live with!!! They are awesome!!! Your color scheme is so fresh and clean looking, but calm and refreshing all at the same time!! You scored a grand slam with your DIY decorating! I wanna come live in your house :)

  6. I like blue. I especially like blue in a room with lots of art because blue is the last color the eye sees, so it recedes and allows art to take center stage.

    Your chairs look fantastic! LOVE the shade of blue.


  7. You've done an absolutely superb job. Can I hire you? I'll pay your transportation costs. I love blue and navy in particular. Navy is a more flattering color to wear than black for those of us "of a certain age," if you catch my meaning.

    xoxo, M-T

  8. Very nice and what a sweet cheery works!

  9. Love, love love the blue chairs. I am so into blue lately. Well, I always have been, and have a light blue ceiling in my living room, and I'm about to do it in my kitchen, too.

  10. I am all about this blue trend! Your chairs looks great! Very chic :)