Saturday, November 30, 2013

Today is Bouquet Day

I decided to have a poinsettia as my bouquet this week because the red and white geraniums from last week are still going strong so I didn't want to buy more cut flowers.  Instead I used the poinsettia that I was given last week at the party to make a table arrangement.

I chose this burgandy plaid blanket as a table covering to compliment the greens and creams of the poinsettia and the gold of the pot.  The plaid blanket is a thrift store find that I find interesting because it was a blanket used on Air Canada in its former life. 

Then to complete the tablescape I used some bead stars that I made last year at my Christmas craft party (which you can read about here).  I love the sparkle of the silver along with the complimentary pinky-reds and brown beads. 

Do you get a poinsettia every year?  I sometimes do and sometimes don't - because truth to tell I can't stand a poinsettia after Christmas and want them out of the house.  Maybe I won't feel that way about a cream one, but for me the red ones are stale-dated come New Year's.


  1. Very pretty and love the plaid! I prefer the white poinsettias too. My great niece often sells them as a hockey fundraiser so we usually have one or two. I'm with you on the gone by New Years because I often forget to water them.

  2. I love white poinsettias! I've gotten sick of the red ones. But this year, I decided not to get one as I have a kitten and this will be her first Christmas. She's a bit of an imp so I'm afraid she will eat it. She's already spit out a mouthful of Christmas tree. This year, I'll have to enjoy seeing yours. J

  3. I saw poinsettias at my grocery before Thanksgiving but wasn't in the right frame of mind to buy one! I always pick one up at some point. I love them!

  4. *giggles* That's the color poinsettia that we chose this year! Great minds think alike!

  5. I always get paper whites to help celebrate the season but this has me thinking about adding some poinsettias into the mix