Sunday, November 10, 2013

Easy Advent Calendar Roll

It's that time again - time to make advent calendars and get them in the mail so they can be enjoyed by the younguns off at university.  Given the age of our children I just go right for chocolate and don't bother with other little treats.  A daily dose of chocolate is just what the doctor ordered at this stressful time of the school year.

I wanted to create an advent calendar that was both simple to make and easy to send in the mail.  I came up with a design that reminds me of little girl's smocked dresses and reminds my husband of intestines - so you take your pick.  Either way it fits the requirements and will be appreciated by the kids.

Each advent calendar required the following:
-- 4 sheets of tissue paper
-- 24 round-shaped candy or chocolates
-- string or ribbon cut into 9 or 10 inch lengths

Step 1:
Lay twelve of the chocolates across the middle lengthwise of the tissue paper.  I used a double thickness of tissue paper so it would withstand the rolling.

Step 2:
Fold in the sides of the tissue paper over the end chocolates.  Then fold the tissue paper roughly in half lengthwise over the chocolates

Step 3:
Roll the chocolates inside the tissue paper toward the open end.

Step 4:
Tie the middle and the ends of the roll.   You can feel the chocolates through the tissue paper which helps you find the middle of the roll.  You can also gently move the chocolates along if they are bunched up.

Step 5:
Tie string between each of the chocolates.

You can leave the rolls as they are or you can tie bows around the ends and hang them up. Since there are only twelve chocolates in a roll, each child gets two rolls.  I made them all different colours - purple, turquoise, red, and green.  

You can also check out my Advent Calendar Pinterest page or my advent calendars from previous years for inspiration:

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Are you making an advent calendar this year?  I've seen so many cute ones around blogland this year.  I swear they are getting cuter every year.

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  1. This is one advent calendar I actually think I could handle making! It has all the goodness without too much hassle. Thanks for sharing this fun idea.

  2. I am going to give these a go for my two 'little ones' who insist on having Advent Calendars still. They are 19 & 17!

  3. I always buy the ones made in Germany. I've never made an advent calendar before. Yours are cute, Grace!

  4. I've not seen this done before, its a great idea!

  5. Okay, my friend, I don't know how I missed this page, but I seriously HOOTED when you so quaintly mention thinking this calendar looks like a little girls smocked dress...and your husband....well...