Friday, November 22, 2013

Today is Bouquet Day

Today's bouquet is a little more elaborate than some because I'm having my annual Christmas craft party this weekend and wanted something special.  

Do you remember the mantel that I showed in my post about how Sarah Richardson decorates for Christmas in the city (you can see it in the pictures below).  Did you notice the container the flowers are in?  Well Sarah apparently used a container from the hardware store that is for applying mud to drywall.  I loved its simplicity so I went and looked for one too.  Sure enough in with all the rough-and-tough drywall equipment are these pretty stainless steel troughs.

I bought one of the troughs and decided to use it for the flowers for my party.  As you can see below the label is stuck on there so it will last through countless drywall projects.  Anyone know how to remove it?  

Unlike Sarah, I love red at Christmas, especially when paired with white - think Nordic Christmas or candy canes - so I bought red carnations and white chrysanthemums to fill the container. 

I like the flowers on the table, but for the party we need the table for crafts so the flowers are on our mantel (and that way you can't see the label glue either).

I've been busy getting ready for the party - I'll share the crafts we did next week.


  1. Loved the trough you used for your floral display, great idea. hardware or DIY stores have lots of things we can use for displays. you could use metal guttering, buy a length & cut it into your required length then fit the end stoppers & hey-ho another country look for decorating.

  2. Beautiful arrangement! I loved the trough you used as a vase. You may want to try a product called Goo Gone or Goo be Gone which removes labels. You can find it at Walgreen's or Walmart or online.

  3. Oh, wow. This would also be a perfect arrangement for an Alabama Crimsons Tide football party! I love the mums and carnations together. This is my favorite color combination, BTW.....

  4. Great idea Barbara to use the metal guttering - I always get the feeling there are hidden treasures in the hardware store as well.

    Thanks for the tip Diane. I"ll have to give Goo Gone a try. Fortunately you can't see the ends when it is on the mantel.

    Ricki, I thought those colours were ones you used for football - I was thinking of it when I made the arrangement.

  5. Fabulous idea and arrangement! I too love red and white for the holidays. In terms of getting the label off, like dissolves like. So if it's a water based adhesive, it should come off with soap and water. If it's an oil based adhesive (which it looks like it might be), then oil will dissolve it. You could try vegetable oil or olive oil. 'Goo be Gone' is basically an oil based solvent. Hope this helps!

  6. Your mantel looks gorgeous, and the trough is a great idea. I need to see if we have those over here.