Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

It was Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada and there is nothing better than spending it at the cottage.  The colours were a little past their prime and a little less bright than some years, but great nonetheless.  It seemed like there was more yellow this year and not so much red so the few red trees and bushes were treasured all the more.

We had friends from France visiting us for the weekend.  Such a good time to visit as there was so much to share with them.

We had a day of blue sky and sunny weather 

and a day of rain.

One of my favourite things to do in the fall is to go for a hike in the woods so I took our friends on a hike near the cottage.  We walked through the forest admiring the leaves,

and collecting different coloured leaves to make our annual leaf art.

We actually made two this year because they are just that much fun.  We made a rainbow maple leaf and a sun (you can check out here and here for previous year's leaf art).

I love how bright the leaves look when they are concentrated together in the leaf art.  It looks like a little pool of colour on the forest floor.

It is always nice when the wildlife cooperate for a viewing - many thanks to you Mr. Great Blue Heron.  We appreciated you standing on that beautiful piece of wood in the water for us while we took your picture.

When you have come all the way from France to enjoy Thanksgiving weekend and you have a beautiful sunny day you have to pack in as much fun as possible.  So not only did we go for a hike, but we also climbed the lookout tower in Dorset.  Along with a lot of other people!  I had never seen it so crowded as you usually have the place almost to yourself, but because of the long weekend there were busloads of people enjoying the view.

Thankfully the Art Studio Tour was on this weekend as it was the perfect thing to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon.  We visited a wire sculptor, a jewelry maker, a potter, and a stained-glass artist. 

We had my some relatives join us for Thanksgiving dinner so there were nine people for dinner. The feast is the same every year, but you can't improve on the best.

One of the special things about the weekend was how beautiful Saturday and Monday mornings were.  They were calm and misty and the low sunlight made the colours just glow.  

An early morning canoe ride made it even better.

It was great to spend the weekend with family and friends.  So many things to be thankful for.

(photo taken by my husband)


  1. You got some great shots, beautiful!

  2. Oh my, what beautiful photos! I am looking forward to our thanksgiving, usually the leaves are all gone by then, but at least we'll have some tasty food!


  3. wow, amazing photos. I'm so going to do leaf art at some point this fall! (ours have just started changing color here!)

  4. Wow, what a stunning place to celebrate thanksgiving! I always enjoy your leaf art. Thanks for sharing your stunning photos with us! I love the mist shot.


  5. Beautiful pictures!! Love the mist on the waters :) Thank you for sharing your wonderful Thanksgiving with us!

  6. Muskoka and Haliburton are beautiful areas any time of the year and how fortunate you are to enjoy it in Fall as well. Your photos (and hubby's too) are beautiful. Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you.

  7. It looks like you had such a beautiful weekend! I love your leaf art and I do remember it from past years! Angie xo