Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Sweet Note and a Fall Wreath

A few weeks ago I sent these candy posters off to Kate and William who are away at University. I know being away from home during family holidays like Thanksgiving can be difficult so I thought a "sweet" care package would be just the thing.

I stood in Shoppers Drug Mart for ages trying to select the best chocolates and candies - ones that I could work a silly note around.  I didn't have it written ahead of time, it was more like I wrote the note to match the candy I found (which you will probably be able to tell when you read the note below).  It actually wasn't the easiest thing to write as you can see by my arrows and crazy writing all over the place, but I'm sure the kids got the hang of it and enjoyed the treats.

In case you are interested, and/or want to steal some of the wording for a candy poster of your own, this is what it says:
Happy Thanksgiving/Hallowe'en:
This is just a little note and a few treats to give you some EXTRA love.  I know school can be EXTRA stressful, but taking an EXTRA break can be a real LIFESAVER. Having a few SNICKERS with your friends in the HALLS at university can make all the difference.  You have the SMARTIES so don't let the workload give you the SCARIES. I say relax and ponder the deeper questions, like do you want COFFEE CRISP or with DAIRY MILK?  Personally I am a milk-in-my-coffee sort myself.  Love you to MARS and back.  Miss you lots.  love,Mom

And in other news - I finally found a fall wreath for our front door.  It's not that I've been looking and looking and not been able to find one.  It was more like I've been wanting one and thinking about how I'd like a wreath that had bittersweet berries on it and seeing pretty wreaths all over blogland and a wreath didn't magically appear on our door.  Then I happened to be at the grocery store on the weekend and found this one for 50% off because it was a little damaged - nothing some reddish paint couldn't fix though.  I love the colour of the berries with the door and brick and now I can relax and stop pondering our naked front door.



  1. Oh I love this idea. Funny thing is, my daughter jokingly mentioned "care packages" when she was home. Apparently you can pay the university to put one together. Ha! This is even better. I hope you don't mind that I am borrowing your idea. I will give you full credit!!

  2. One of the teachers received a note like this when I worked in middle school. It would be fun to put together....perhaps a love note for Valentine's Day!
    Your wreath is very pretty...clever you to see the possibility beyond the repair.

  3. What fun notes, I bet they were really thrilled with them.
    Your wreath looks great, and a bargain too.

  4. Oh, such sweet notes to the kids!! What a great idea, I know they will get a kick out of it!


  5. What a wonderful and fun thing to do for kids of any age. I'm thinking I may make one of those for our grandchildren. They're young, but who doesn't like candy?!
    I'm sure it was much appreciated by your own children.
    Hugs, Cindy

  6. How flippin' cute! You're such a good mommie! I really love the color of your front door....*le sigh*.....