Sunday, April 29, 2012

Project 6:30

Kate is home from university for the summer, which is awesome.  Next year she will be living in a house with two friends, which is also awesome.  However, she will have to cook for herself, which is not so awesome - given that Kate can't cook! We've decided that this is the summer for Kate to learn to cook.  She hasn't taken to it like her brothers have, so I'm going to make sure that over the next few months she masters making some recipes she can cook next year when she returns to university.  I've dubbed this PROJECT 6:30!  

That's right folks I'm working on getting Kate familiar with recipes that use less than six ingredients (not including salt, pepper, and oil) and that take less than thirty minutes to make.  I bet university students aren't the only ones who want some quick and easy recipes for dinner so I'm going to share the recipes here on my blog.  I actually find I use the search button on my own blog to find recipes I know I have posted. I can find them faster and easier by searching my own blog than by digging through all my recipe books.  It motivates me to post more tried-and-true recipes.

I've added a Mister Linky to this post so you too can share your favourite quick and easy recipes. I mean who doesn't need some new recipes to include in the dinner-time roster. I've added a few of my own favourites from earlier in my blogging days in case you missed them. I will likely be focusing on vegetarian recipes and ones that don't take too many tomatoes as that is what Kate prefers, but you can link up any that fit the Project 6:30 criteria (or fit it approximately anyway).

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  1. Brilliant! My daughter needs help, too. :D I need to find some recipes for the girls.

  2. What a great idea! I'm looking forward to some tasty ideas.