Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Freezer Fairy Soup Revisited

My post about making freezer fairy soup has been posted over on Simply Frugal - you can find it here.  I wrote that post way back in my early days of blogging so if you recognize it then you have really stuck with me for thick and thin.  If you haven't read it then hop on over for some tips on how to use up all those leftover veggies and make healthy nutritious soup.

In other news - don't you love it when the very thing you need shows up unexpectedly.  For example, I was just thinking I needed a mini shovel when what should be sitting by my paints at art class, but a mini shovel.  I asked my friend if I could borrow the shovel and she agreed.  Perfect!

And if you are wondering why I wanted a mini shovel - stay tuned!!!
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1 comment:

  1. I love this idea Grace! I think it is so practical and smart! I bought a bag of chick peas to cook to freeze to have on hand to make homemade hummus! Angie xo