Saturday, February 25, 2012


There are lots of little tidbits that I keep meaning to tell you about, so I thought I would combine them all together in one post.  So here goes:

1.  I'm always pleased and proud as punch to be included in the blog round-up at  Style at Home .  This time, Elaine Song the web editor, asked me to submit a photo and a tip about budget decorating.  I'm all about budget decorating so I had no trouble thinking up something to submit.  You should have a look at all the wonderful ideas the other bloggers wrote about.  Style at Home is a fantastic magazine and one of my must-reads every month so I love being part of the action.

This is the photo I submitted and you can go here to read what my tip is.

2.  I forgot to post the winner of the Canadian House and Home magazine from a few weeks ago.  The winner was Diane at Cozy Canadian Cottage and she even blogged about receiving the magazine which you can read here.  I'm so glad you enjoyed the magazine Diane.  

3.  Madeline won the SmartSilk pillow giveaway.  Happy sleeping Madeline!  I hope you enjoy the pillows as much as we do.

4.  I've heard rumblings about Google Friend Connect being changed, and even possibly being eliminated, which makes me sad as that is how I follow all the blogs I like (and there are quite a few I like).  So in keeping with the times I've put the new kid on the block on my sidebar - Linky Followers - in case you want to follow me that way.  

5.  And in other news - I've been working like crazy to finish up our France photo book.  Why you ask, am I working like crazy on it?  Well because it's about time it got done - after all it was over seven months ago that we were there.  Now I'm officially France-obsessed and farm-obsessed.  I'll post some photos from each of my obsessions just as soon as I can.   I can't leave you with only one photo in this post though (and a photo of my bathroom no less), so here is one of my photos taken in France.  

This lovely wonky house is in Rouen. I have been thinking it would be fun to post some of the day trips we took in Normandy in case any of you were planning a trip there this summer or you just wanted some eye candy - either way is a good excuse for some France blog posts, don't you think.
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  1. Sweet post, I would love, love to see your pics on France. As you know we are headed there this summer and I am always interested in recommendations.

    Thanks you for the mention my friend. Diane

  2. Congrats on the feature. I have not heard of style at home. I am following you on linky now.

  3. I love all your tidbits. :o) Your beadboard is stunning. I don't have any and am totally jealous. I checked out Style at Home. It was so fun to see you there...congrats on that. And even though I'm not planning a trip anywhere at all, I would love to see your pictures of France. I have tried to add a few Country French touches to my house and would love to include some outside as well. I'm heading over right now to become a Linky follower. Happy Weekend Grace!

  4. Hi Grace, I'm Mary who is a long time Canadian friend of Kerry from The Tranquil Townhouse (we went to New York together). I've beee reading your blog ever since you and Kerry collaborated on paint colours when she was starting her blog. Anyway, just had to say congrats on your Style at Home submission. I was checking it out to see Kerry's post and so yours as well. I thought that was rather nice to see both of yours in the same issue. Well done. I live in Ontario as well so really enjoy your posts about the local area as we are also not far from the GTA so have managed to visit a few.

    Ps: only reason I have submit this as anonymous is that blogger does not allow comments under Google accounts unless you have a blog.