Friday, February 17, 2012

Teal and Red

I was about to start eating my lunch the other day and couldn't get over how much I liked the colour combination of my food and plate.

Yes, the youngest pride and joy thought I was nuts as I ran to get my camera to capture this delicious combination.

I thought I would do a little digging and see how many beautiful photos I could find using teal and red.  It turns out there are teal and red combinations everywhere - 

in bedrooms,

A Punch of Colour
House Beautiful
Suzie Beezie

and kitchens,

and dining rooms,

Elle Decor

and cushions, 


and even doors in far off  lands.

Door in Nepal from The House that Lars Built

Is teal and red a delicious combination in your mind or a little too bright for you?
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  1. I absolutely love that combination. When we move into our new home I think I will do a room in that combo! Happy Friday.

  2. It is such a wonderful combination of colors! Have a great weekend :o)

  3. I think it is the perfect color combination, Grace. Cath Kidston uses it all the time, and I love it!!!

    Isn't it funny how the most mundane things (like eating lunch) can inspire us if we are paying attention. Great post!

  4. Looks wonderful! I realized I didn't have many shades of blue in my home and started adding turquoises and next to my reds it just popped! Great photos! Kitd

  5. I think a little red goes perfectly with just about any color :) I think this color combination is really cheerful.

  6. You really got us seeing around and thinking with new eyes:) Hope you had a nice lunch and lovely weekend!