Friday, February 10, 2012

New Living Room Cushions

Do you ever feel like decorating is two steps forward and one back.  Well that is certainly how it is around here.  I recently noticed how grubby the cover on our sofa was looking so I took it off and washed it, but then when I put it on I noticed that some of the throw pillows were stained as well.  One thing led to another and I had to drop by Home Sense and get some new pillows for the sofa.  

Now selecting cushions for the living room is always a little tricky because of the colours in the carpet.  My Great-grandparents were missionaries in South China in the early years of the last century and they brought many wonderful things home with them when they finally returned to Canada in the 1920s.  This silk carpet was one of the treasures they brought back and we are very pleased that it has made its way to our home.  While I love the connection to my Grandmother (as I always remember it being in her living room) and her parents, the rug has a variety of colours some of which I find difficult to decorate around.  

As you can see the carpet has some peachy - salmony colours which are not my favourites so I avoid decorating with them.  I do like a darker version of this colour, however, like rich rust colours so I looked for some cushions in that shade.   The colours I like best in the carpet (surprise, surprise) are the teal and turquoise colours.  So I looked for cushions that had either the turquoise colours or the the rust colour or both in them and these are the cushions I found.

Home Sense only had one that I liked in the rust colour, but I may keep my eyes peeled for another one to balance the sofa out.  

The ones on either end are my favourite as they remind me of a William Morris print.  Here's a close-up view:

I also really like the pale blue linen one on the right hand end of the sofa,

and the one in the middle is a nod to the ever popular chevron pattern (although it almost looks like a zebra and a chevron stripe got together and this is the baby they produced).

Having new cushions on the sofa means I have to have them arranged perfectly at all times so that I can admire them whenever I happen to go by the room.  Anyone else do that?
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  1. That works Grace! I love it, very complimentary to the rug. Have a great weekend!

  2. I see the colour challenge you have but your new cushions look great! Gotta LOVE HomeSense.

  3. I am always straightening the pillows on our sofa to make it look pretty. Unfortunately, everytime someone sits on it, the pillows get moved around. Now, I'm trying to learn to live with the "lived-in" look with pillows just laying around naturally on the sofa. Sometimes it drives me crazy. Love those two on each end you picked up. They are my favorites!

  4. Well you know me. I love a fluffed and chopped pillow! I think yours look great. The print ones on the end just scream your name. They are so you. What a treasure your rug is. Something like that is priceless. Hope you have a lovely Sunday!

  5. You are so lucky to have pillows! My hubby lets me do what ever I want in our house but he hates pillows! So I have one on the couch and one on one of the side chairs. LOL But I make up for it on the Master bed, there are 9! Kit

  6. Very pretty pillows! I love teal and like how you picked up on that color in the pillow. How precious to have such a wonderful gift from your grandparents.

  7. I love those pillows you have on both sides. They match my dining chairs exactly. Where did you get them?