Wednesday, January 18, 2012

WISH Wednesday #14

Being that it's winter in my neck of the woods, I thought I should look for an incredible drop-dead gorgeous room with a fireplace for the WISH (Weekly Inspiration for a Seasonal Home) Wednesday photo this week.  So that's what I've been working my fingers to the bone doing.  There are lots of fireplaces out there, but I wanted a fantastic one that was so amazing that when I looked at it all I could do was sigh and wish, wish, wish that I lived in that room.   

I've recently spent a lot of time on Pintrest (by the way, did you know I was on Pintrest cause I'm a little lonely over there in my corner pinning away since I'm a newbie and haven't made any connections yet).   Anyway, I found two rooms that I think fit all the requirements.  I hummed and hawed over which one to feature and even asked my husband which one he preferred and he couldn't decide either (which is pretty amazing as he's a very decisive fellow) - so I'm featuring both.  In many ways they are similar - with beautiful stone fireplaces flanked by large windows, white walls, and simple casual decor, but there are differences as well.  

The first room has a gorgeous ceiling with painted white beams.  I really like the soft furniture (what you can see of it anyway) with the striped and patterned fabric on the chair and sofa and the patterned carpet.  It makes the room seem very cozy.   I also love the large coffee table with interesting piles of books and rocks and flowers.   I would have a lot of fun arranging and re-arranging vignettes on a surface that big and then when I was done I would put my feet up and relax.  Wouldn't this be the perfect room to play a board game with the whole family by the fire.


The second room is bathed in light by gorgeous black-mullioned windows that surround the room.  I love the painting on the fireplace and the simple rustic buckets, boxes and tin plate placed around the room.  Although I'm not really a rifle person, I do think even the rifle is perfectly hung to balance the mantel arrangement.  I also love the long sofa and the simple lines of the coffee table and wooden chairs.  My only complaints are that the back of the sofa seems a tad low for comfortable lounging, there is no rug, and the room seems a bit devoid of colour.  I think I'd have to add a few cushions for a little bit of colour and because I like to be well cushioned when I lounge.  Wouldn't this be the perfect room to sit and watch the snow fall?

Architectural Digest

To me they are both gorgeous rooms and both make me feel like I just want to move in and stay awhile.   Anyone else hold stronger opinions than I do and like one more than the other.  Do tell!


  1. Those are gorgeous cozy rooms. I would love to curl up by either one of those fires.

  2. I like the top one. The bricks in the fireplace just seem to emerge from the plaster walls. It looks like it has always been there - very "country-house" like. And I also love how the funriture surrounds it, giving everyone a view of the roaring fire.

  3. We've had such bitterly cold weather this week that a fire has been heavenly...the first image is amazing!!

  4. Both rooms are cozy and lovely. I like things about both of them, actually. I think the first one might be more comfortable furnishings wise, but I really love the windows in the second one!

  5. Oh I am so in love with the first image. I do love the window overload in the second. But the first one speaks to me more and actually so much more that I pinned it to one of my boards....Dreamin' of this in my home....

  6. I will take both please! And how do I find you on Pinterest?

    Kat :)