Monday, January 30, 2012

Look What Landed on our Mantel

I've had an idea for decorating our mantel that I've been itching to try for a few months now.  I couldn't interrupt the Fall-Hallowe'en-Christmas flow, though, so it had to wait. Can you guess what my idea is?

Yep I had the rainbow fairy visit my mantel.  I thought it would be a fun challenge to decorate the mantel like a rainbow using things from around the house.   As you can see I lack in the purple and orange sections, but more than made up for it in the blue ranges.  It was a lot of fun to hunt the house for things I could use.  Thank heavens for Anthropologie bowls.

The sideboard is at the other end of the room and I needed to do something with it as well.  I had rescued a few pieces of wood from my parent's woodshed at the cottage recently and was pining to use them in some way.  After some pondering it occurred to me that if the rainbow was at one end of the room, then the other end should be all white - all the colours rolled into one!

Anyone else have a collection of bark and wood?  Hmm, I thought not.  I love their textured weathered look and love including them in my arrangements.

Have you ever created a vignette that was a little out-of-the-box so to speak?  It was fun to do and we're enjoying the cheery colours at one end of the room and the calm natural palette at the other - just what we need to look at during all the sleet and snow and rain that we have been having in this crazy winter.

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  1. The sideboard vignette is very pretty, and I think the rainbow mantel display very creative. As soon as I saw the picture ROYGBIV from art class jumped into my head.

  2. Very lovely mantel vignette - super

  3. What a great idea! So creative.

  4. I'm not sure which I like best...they're both fabulous. But I do love those blocks of wood!

  5. Well that rainbow mantel is a great idea and really fun. I'm sure it brightens things up during dreary winter weather. We've had a crazy winter too. Last year we broke all sorts of records with more snow than we've seen in years and this year it's felt like we've gone from fall to early spring; very mild winter temperatures.

  6. What a fun idea! I'm so curious what I would find out about me if I took on that challenge. I do have random chunks of wood around the house though!

  7. I love it Grace! So fresh and fun! It's so fun to try out different ideas and looks, isn't it? Angie xo

  8. Oh boy I would fail miserably at this challenge. I lack so much out side of the creams, black and blues. You did a lovely job Grace and of course I am particularly drawn to the sideboard.