Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2012 Projects List

Last year was a busy one so I didn't accomplish all I wanted to do.   I do find it motivating or head-clearing or inspiring - I'm not sure which - to list what I hope to accomplish.  So here's my 2012 list with some of the ideas rolled forward from last year and some new ones - okay actually a lot of new ones.   I've added a few inspiration photos too - I love how much they keep me moving forward.

Unskinny Boppy

At Home with a Country Lady

SMALL HOUSE PROJECTS (defined as anything I can accomplish myself in a day or two and that costs less than $100):
~ tidy and paint the front hall closet
~ edit and tidy the china cabinet and add paper to the back of the cabinet so the dishes stand out more
~ edit and sort the craft things in the basement and the trunk

~ organize the spices

Lost and Found

BIG HOUSE PROJECTS (defined as anything that involves getting my husband to help out, costs more than $100, or takes more than a weekend to finish):
~ en suite bathroom - frame the mirror, install new faucet, add a new counter, and a new light
~ master bedroom - finish painting the walls, lengthen the drapes, fix the eyebrow window cover-up, edit the furniture, purchase and install a new overhead light
~ kid's bathroom - add a new light, new taps, and a new counter
~ half-down bathroom - add a new light, new taps, and a new counter
~ paint/stain dining room table
~ make a picture collage on the family room wall

~ add beadboard to ceiling in family room

photo taken by me at Étretat, France

~ finish the France photo book I am half way through making from our vacation last summer
~ finish our son's wedding photo book
~ learn to use my new camera that I got for Christmas - finish listening to the DVD, and take the camera off the auto setting which is all I have used so far
~ visit Ottawa/Hull to see some of the places that my husband's ancestors founded

I never accomplish all the things I set out for myself, but I'm an eternal optimist and love having a list of things I am aiming toward.  I love lists and love crossing things off lists.  Who knows how things will go this year and what I will get done - but that's the fun of it, isn't it?

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  1. Quite a list Grace, but they all sound like fun! Should be a good year~

  2. Great list! Love your goals (esp. visiting Ottawa, my current city).

  3. A good mix of big and small goals. Have fun. Deb

  4. WoW! You're going to be a busy lady! I can't wait to see these projects when they are completed. I have a similar list and it will be nice to compare notes!

  5. first things first - that photo of the French coastal cliffs is magnificent! And your list of goals sounds pretty comprehensive, I've no doubt you'll make brilliant progress! happy new year :)

  6. Great list and great inspiration. I LOVE that gallery wall. I could sit and look at it all day. Best of luck with everything...if you run out of closets to tidy please come to my house!

  7. Love the ocean-side picture. I would throw all the other plans and just return to that beautiful place.

  8. You had to remind me that I also visited France in 2011 and must put together a remembrance book (which we did buy in Paris). That wasn't even on my myriad lists. O, boy. Lovely photos; good luck on your projects. Jo @ Let's Face the Music

  9. Oh cool! Thanks for linking up to my china cabinet for your inspirations! Once I actually got started on the project it only took a few hours to get the china cabinet painted and stenciled. Drying time took longer though. :)