Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Guest Post - Anne from Bird/Like

You guys are in for a treat - here is the first in a wonderful series of summer guest posts.  All these wonderful bloggers have volunteered to help me out while I am off travelling the world (while you read this I am in France).

Anne from the lovely blog Bird/Like is my first guest.  You should pop on over to her blog (after reading her post here, of course) and take a peak.  She loves birds, nature, gardening, decorating, and vintage finds.  Thanks so much Anne for your wonderful post so we can get to know a bit more about you.  Much appreciated!


GRACE, from Sense and Simplicity, has invited other bloggers to guest post on her blog while she is journeying. I am delighted to be one of her guest posters!

Grace has asked her guest posters to give you three glimpses into our homes, including

The OLDEST thing in my home.


1.  The oldest thing in my house:  Being 'of a certain age,' my husband and I have now outlived a lot of family members and so have inherited some pretty old stuff. Not sure which is officially the oldest, but I'll show you what I consider the most unusual-- a lavishly curlicued, wildly patterned marble topped entry table that his parents bought in Germany in the 1950's.

 2.  My favorite 'made or made-over' item: Hmm, assuming this doesn't include a room, I think my favorite made-over item is the old breadbox I found in the attic when we moved in.  It was rusted and dented, but it was the coolest breadbox I'd ever seen and I felt like a treasure hunter!  I undented and painted it, polished the copper top, and added a bit of stenciling.  Here it is:

3.  My favorite room, and why:  Close contest between the kitchen, the source of tea and cake, or the bedroom, which is the 'quiet place.'  Ok, I'll say the bedroom, since peace and quiet feels SO good.  Its cool colors, soft light, and cozy fireplace make it the perfect retreat.

Thank you, Grace, for the chance to contribute to your delightful blog!

xo   Anne


  1. Awesome breadbox. The copper top is so pretty on it. This is a fun post! :D

  2. Love that breadbox! Wonderful bedroom retreat, too! This is fun to meet some of Grace's regular readers.

  3. The bread box is great! There's something romantic about finding an interesting object left behind. Did its old owner forget it? Didn't they see its potential? I'm glad it found someone to appreciate it.

  4. Oh, how I would love a fireplace in our bedroom, you lucky soul!!