Monday, July 25, 2011

Guest Post - Ann from On Sutton Place

Today Ann from On Sutton Place is helping me out by doing a guest blog while I'm away.  I can't remember how Ann and I got emailing back and forth about blogging, but I do remember it was in the early days of Ann's blog.  You should hop on over to her lovely blog to have a peak into her lovely colourful home (with a recently renovated kitchen) and gorgeous garden.  Thanks so much Ann!


Hello to everyone...

Since Grace is in (of all places...) Bangladesh,
she asked for volunteers to guest post
on her blog to keep the home fires burning, so to speak.

She assigned topics...thank heavens.
Let's get started.

First: What is the oldest thing in your home?
This took some thinking...
I actually had to look around to figure this one out.
Here it is:
This is our guest room.
The furniture was purchased by my husband's grandparents
the year they were married which was 1914.
It's almost 100 years old.
I'd love to refinish it or paint it someday...

Next up is the favorite thing you have made or made-over?
This one was easy.
It's my fireplace.
I wrote about it here.
It went from a very ugly duckling to a lovely white swan.

Last...what is your favorite room in your home and why?
Like most women, I would have to say my kitchen.
It's the one room in our home that truly reflects me.
It's my domain.
I have spent countless hours here...
It's where my kids used to sit and talk to me.
It's where I start every day.

It recently underwent a small face-lift.
I wrote about it herehere and here...if you're interested.

This is my kitchen today.

I'm a relatively new blogger.
When my blog was very new I was lucky enough
to somehow meet Grace.
She was generous, patient and supportive.
It didn't surprise me when I found out about her trip.
I'm glad I could pay her back, at least a little, for all of the times she helped me.

My prayers are with her on this adventure.
May she return home safe and sound.


  1. What a beautiful home. I love the kitchen and the colors in it. The guest room furniture is historic and in such wonderful condition. Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. Ann, your home is lovely, and I especially like your kitchen. :D The ceramic tile counter is stunning. I want one! We might redo our counters this winter.

    Thanks for your guest post!

    Ricki Jill

  3. Very very beautiful..loved the antique furniture.

  4. Ann, I love the old furniture just the way it is in the guest room. So pretty. Adore that style of bed. I did not know that is what Grace in in Bangladesh for. Good for her.

  5. Ann, congrats on your first guest post. You did a great job. I really enjoy your blog and also your help to me with my blogging problems. Blessings, Pamela

  6. Ann, your home is beautiful! I especially love your kitchen. It is just lovely! I want a new kitchen!!! Maybe one of these days! I am new at this too and everyone has been so good to me! I love it! :D

  7. Beautiful home--love the bedroom furniture!

  8. Great post, Anne. Your home is beautiful.

  9. Great decoratng! Love that guest room. So cozy and inviting. I wouldn't touch that century old piece. It looks great.

  10. There's something soothing about antiques. I can almost smell the home cooking! Very nice!

  11. Your home is so pretty. I love that you have your husbands grandparents furniture. It's just gorgeous and has so much meaning!