Saturday, July 23, 2011

Colourful Bangladesh

One of things that has struck me the most since arriving here in Bangladesh is how colourful everything is. We tried to do our bit by buying colourful Shalwar kameezes (I"ll show you the other ones I bought later when I have photos taken). 

When I look around me I am amazed at the riot of colours in -




a painted apartment building near CRP,

on trucks,

and rickshaws,

and even our porch with the newly purchased scarves hung out to air.

I'm hoping all this colour is enough to inspire me through our long, cold, dark winter.


  1. I would go nuts at the fabric place! I can't imagine picking something out of all those pieces...and they're so neatly folded! Glad you are OK and enjoying the experience.

  2. I love all that color. It brightens things up and is interesting to look at. It looks like you're staying in a place that is nicer/more modern than I anticipated. Hope you are enjoying your trip.

  3. Those are gorgeous fabrics! Love the coloured rickshaws too!

  4. What pretty scarves! These photos are so pretty, Grace. I am enjoying your Bangladesh posts, and I am impressed you are able to post at all!

  5. The colors are all so pretty. I love all the scarves. I just makes you smile to see all the great colors.

  6. I am enjoying following your adventures in Bangladesh...and love that riot of colors!

  7. Wow, the colours are fabulous! I just finished reading the book, The Secret Daughter, and the references to this part of the world are fascinating.