Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Wreath

Our front porch still has the flower containers, willow chair, and wooden bench on it that have been there all summer (you can see it here).  While it looks nice, I really am feeling the need for a little fall action out there.  A friend and I had been trying to find a free evening to get together and create some autumn-splendour wreaths.  The stars finally lined up last night and we got them done.  

We started off with a table full of grasses, seeds, weeds, acorns, dried corn husks, dried chilli peppers - and two naked grape vine wreaths.

My aunt showed me some gorgeous soft grass up near our cottage that I picked a few weeks ago for the wreaths.

Here's a photo of my mother cutting some for us.  Aren't I the helpful one - holding the camera and the bag.  Thanks Mom!

I love how soft this grass is.  My aunt cut some last year for her living room and it stayed looking perfect all winter.

Anyway, back to the wreath-making.  After a few hours of cutting, and glueing, and poking bits in here and there we both had fall wreaths for our front doors.  

Here is my friend proudly holding her finished wreath -

and a close-up of her gorgeous wreath.  I love the little bundles she tied with corn husks, chilli peppers, and the japanese lanterns.

This one is mine on our front door.  The orange and red are perfect contrasts with the blue paint on the door.

My friend sewed the chilli peppers together to make a bundle which I glued on at the bottom and I used some of the japanese lanterns from our backyard.

Ahhh, doesn't that look better.  Our front porch looking a little bit more like fall has arrived.  Pumpkins coming soon, but I really have to take this fall decorating business one step at a time.

I have a feeling the whole wreath will blow away in the first strong wind so I had to take a photo of it quickly to show you.   

Anyone else make a fall wreath?  I have to say it is one economical project, since we had one grapevine wreath and only had to buy the other one ($3) and the chilli peppers ($4).  Everything else came from the roadside.

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  1. Grace,
    Using those chilli peppers really add alot of POP! Happy Fall!


  2. Grace! Tie your wreath to the hook with twist tie or affix with clear packing tape so it won't blow away! It's WAY too pretty to blow away in the wind! Angie xo

  3. Beautiful!! I just love it! The chili peppers are perfect!

  4. That is a beautiful roadside wreath! I love those little lanterns. The grass so soft and wispy looking.

  5. You made me laugh when you said it might all blow away! You two girls are clever possums. We don't seem to decorate so much with the seasons like you do in the northern hemisphere (or maybe that's just me being lazy!). Say hi to your mum for me :)

  6. I love that you did this project with your Mom. I need to do more crafty things with my mommy.
    I am planning on making a simple wreath for my log home by threading apples on a wire shaped into a circle. No sense in rushing into pumpkins too early - they'll all be rotten by halloween.

  7. The chili peppers were a great addition, I wouldn't have thought of it!.. I have always loved those orange lanterns...

  8. It looks great against your blue door. You are very talented!

  9. Love that natural wreath. One of the best ones I have seen.

  10. I love that you cut your own materials! Both wreaths are gorgeous and add a pop of color. Thanks for linking up to The "Autumn Décor" Talent Scouting Party at WhisperWood Cottage!