Monday, September 22, 2014

So Long Summer, Hello Fall


Fall is officially here! We've had such a cool summer and early fall that it seems like it has been fall for awhile now. The funny thing is that I feel like the leaves are late turning colours this year so it just feels like fall, but looks like summer.  

I got my fall decorating mojo on and changed up the sideboard and picked a bouquet of weeds for the table. I've always had a thing for wildflowers - maybe it's the price - but I think it is just as much the relaxed country vibe. All I know is that this bouquet of goldenrod and aster flowers makes me smile.

I've finally started falling in love with some fall colours like orange and mustard yellow. How did that happen? All I know is that I have an orange t-shirt, an orange sweater, a mustard yellow sweater, a mustard yellow striped shirt, a mustard yellow striped dress, and a mustard yellow fall jacket. Yep, it's official I must like fall colours. They used to be my least favourite, but now apparently not so much. 

I decorated the sideboard with the mustard yellow runner we made last year in art class with leaves printed all over it (and in case you were wondering I did my best to iron it, but the wrinkles wouldn't go and the ink was coming off, so I left it). You can read about how we made it here. Then I gathered up a collection of things that were brassy, pottery, or orange and voila. I carved the oranges at both of our previous Christmas Craft parties (which you can read about here and here) and the pinky maple keys are from our Amur maple tree in the backyard. I don't remember the keys turning such a pink colour in previous years, but I like them. I picked a bouquet of them a few weeks ago and now they are dried. 

One of the things I love most about fall is getting back into cooking soups for dinner. I love soups and have already made my favourite one twice this month. You can see it below - it's a sweet potato peanut soup with an awesome blend of flavours (the recipe is here). So yummy. What's your favourite soup? I'm always willing to expand my repertoire and I obviously need to.


  1. Fall is definitely here - Indian summer with so hot days and cool nights. I must go and pick some wild flowers and grasses.

  2. Fall! It's my favorite... I'm glad to see other people getting in the spirit. That soup looks delicious.

  3. Your wildflowers and buffet arrangement look very pretty. We love soups in the Fall too and I'm looking forward to making a huge pot of chili.

  4. A lovely fall display! Just the right mix of pine cones and fall colors. And I agree that is seems like the leaves are slow changing color this year. They must be confused by the cooler air :)

  5. Your sideboard really looks lovely all decked out for Fall! I enjoy making soup in the colder months as well. Yours look delish!