Monday, September 15, 2014

Fun Fall Leaf Art


The leaves have only just started to turn here, but I wanted to share with you some fun leaf projects that you can keep in mind for when you have a yard full of leaves and are wondering what to do with them (apart from raking them).

1.  Arrange your leaves and laminate them to make a picture.

Artful Kids

2. Organize them by colour and make pictures - maybe an apple, a bird, an arrow, a heart, a leaf rainbow, or even words.

Mr Dale via Agonistica


see post
see post


Wildlife Gadgetman

3. Organize the leaves into a rainbow of colours and then sew them together to make a fall tapestry.

Richard Shilling via Agonistica

4. Arrange the leaves by colour and find the matching paint colours. 

Chris Glass via Agonistica
5. Rake the leaves to show the passersby some love with a big leafy heart or a beautiful spiral.


Sylvain Meyer via Inhabitat

6.  Maybe just organizing leaves by colour is where its at. In which case you could arrange them into a circle like a glowing sun, or an arc, or into a bar of leaves, or a line.


Richard Shilling via Nature's Corner

Richard Shilling via BBC

Nature Whispering
7. Now here is where we get fancy - and maybe even move indoors to get some supplies like glue and pens and scissors.  You can make art with your leaves by arranging them into pictures, drawing or painting on the leaves, or even cutting silhouette patterns in the leaves.

Nature Whispering

Timothy Power

Handmade Charlotte




Lorenzo Duran via Fubiz

Lorenzo Duran via Fubiz

Lorenzo Duran via Fubiz
Aren't they amazing? It makes me want to get out there and have some fun with leaves when they turn colours. Are you inspired?


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