Saturday, September 7, 2013

Today is Bouquet Day

I try to have a fresh tablecloth and some flowers on the table every day. It's just a little thing I like to do to make our house a home.  

The truth is, though, I'm as happy to have a vase full of weeds as I am to have fancy tea roses. We do have some flowers in our garden, but today I went more for casual than classy.  

I found goldenrod growing behind some bushes in the backyard and the rudbeckia seeded itself in our garden from our neighbour's garden.  I love the simplicity of yellow with yellow and paired it with a cloth I brought back from Bangladesh that echoes the yellow daisy shape. I used a new jug that I bought at Fort York in Toronto where Kate and William worked as guards this summer (thus the date 1811 on it - although I'm not sure why it is 1811, not 1812 for the War of 1812 or even 1813 when the Battle of York took place).


Do you put fresh flowers on the table?  

p.s. I'm going to try to post a new bouquet every week paired with a tablecloth from my extensive thrift store collection. 


  1. I like the casual flower arrangement. Weeds are sometimes so pretty.

  2. I love fresh flowers in the house. This year I planted Dahlias for the first time and have been enjoying having a couple of them in a little bud vase every week.

  3. This is my favorite kind of bouquet. I saw some goldenrod for the first time this season on my walk the other day - it is pretty :-)

  4. Goldenrod used to be Alabama's state flower. :D Pretty yellows in your arrangement! I do have some sunflowers on the table (I bought them from the community farm across the street from us).


  5. How wonderful! A bouquet a day keeps the blues away.

    xoxo, M-T