Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Happy List

It's a good week to write a happy list because there is a bit of a cloud hanging over my head. 

Do you see that map up there - well that shows where our three kids are now.  The red star is us. William is in Winnipeg (over on the left) a mere 2012 kms from home.  I know because I just looked it up.  Kate is the one on the right in Halifax which is only 1815 kms from home.  Sigh.  Good thing for Malcolm and Christie as they are just 73 kms away so we can visit them.  

I know we will adjust, but right now the house seems quiet and empty and dull (sorry Jonathan, but you really need to up the noise-factor). While I get my bearings and learn how to live life as an empty-nester I thought it would be a great idea to post a Happy List.  So here goes:

1.  I'm going to start out small here - I got a new lunch bag! I know, I know - crazy that such ridiculous things can make me happy, but isn't it cute. I'm sure lunch will taste much better (especially now that I don't have to use the old stinky one).

2.  I passed my Chinese dynasty pop quiz.  All last winter William tried to teach me important things like the Chinese and Japanese dynasties.  He wrote them on our fridge in dry erase marker so that I could "study" them while I cooked.  There was no way I could get my mind around all the dynasties so I agreed to put some effort into learning the names and dates of four Chinese dynasties.  William periodically tested me on them and I was doing pretty well, but we got busy around and pretty much forgot about it since April. Last Saturday before Kate and William left for university we all went out for sushi and William sprang a pop quiz on me.  Guess what?  I passed!  I really have learned the Xin, Han, Ming, and Qing dynasties. Yay for me!  

3.  I finished all six books that I set out to read this summer.  Fist pump in the air!   I like reading, but I never seem to get around to it when I'm working so I was pleased that I got them read over the summer.

4.  Last week I took William and Kate to the cottage for one final visit before they left for university.  It was a lovely relaxing time.  Spending time at the cottage with the family definitely makes me happy.

5.  We finished the round-the-world cooking while we were at the cottage.  Details coming soon.  We have been at our culinary adventures for almost 5 years and I thought it would be fitting to cook the final meals and bring us back to North America before the last child went to university.  

6.  And finally, I really am happy that our kids are happy and doing what they are supposed to be doing.  They are all in good places right now learning new things at university or new jobs.  Speaking of new jobs, Christie got a new job as an Occupational Therapist which makes us very happy and Malcolm has had lots of contracts teaching English as a Second Language which also makes us happy.  

See there you go - lots to be happy about!

I've linked my post up at Ricki Jill's Happy List at Art@Home.


  1. Yes, you are truly accentuating the positive. It is so hard to make transitions in life but you seem to be doing a grand job. I can't wait to hear more about cooking around the world.

  2. I can only imagine how quiet it is. I have only two home now and only 5 years left until we are empty here. I love the new lunch bag. Your pictures at your cottage, simply breath taking. I am glad you were able to have a nice relaxing weekend before they had to leave for college. Round the world cooking??? No that sounds fun. I cannot wait.

  3. Can you see how many shades of green I have gone looking at the pictures taken near your cottage? It is so beautiful there. I enjoyed reading your happy list.

  4. I am going to try and post my happy list tomorrow. I love the idea of stopping and gathering your thoughts on all you have to feel good about!
    Your cottage looks like such a peaceful place, I just love seeing images of it.
    I am starting to feel the effect of university now as our daughter just moved away. A trip to Halifax is always nice! Right?

  5. WOW. They are really spread out!

    Yay for reading all the summer books, I think I still have a few on my list.

  6. :D YAY! Super Happy List! I love the map, but I know it makes you sad to have your kids back at school. *BUT* when your kids are in a good place and making good choices, it does make a mom happy! Congrats on their job opportunities. YAY! I love your cooking around the world posts. I look forward to reading about your latest creations @ the cottage!

    Your lunch bag is too, too cute....Haute Couture for your exotic lunches....I love it!

    Thanks for linking-up. :D

    Ricki Jill

  7. Way to go on the Chinese dynasty knowledge. I think it is good to put our minds to new subjects (although I would probably avoid ancient civilizations lol.) It is great that your young people have settled into their schools and starting careers but I can believe what a change it would be for you and hubby. Keep yourself busy and the holidays will be on us in no time.