Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day my friends. What are you doing to celebrate? Valentine's Day also happens to be our wedding anniversary so we will be having some fun treats for dinner, a nice bottle of wine, and I'll be giving this card to my husband. I made it in art class this week using Japanese mulberry paper that I painted with bold colours a la Kandinsky and then cut up and shaped into a heart. 

I recently read that in Finland Valentine's Day is called "Friend's Day" and is a day to celebrate friendship. Women in particular have embraced these holiday and now send cards and give gifts to their friends. Don't you love that - it's about remembering all your loved ones not just the ones you are romantically involved with. So my friends, I'm wishing you all a Happy Valentine's day - blowing you kisses and sending my love.

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  1. Happy Valentine and have a great anniversary celebration with your husband. What a lovely card you made for him. I don't know of this type of paper you used, is it similar to tissue paper ?

  2. Wow, love that card. We are probably not doing too much other than wishing each other happy Valentine's day. But hey Happy Valentine's day to you!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day & Happy Anniversary. I am sure you will have a lovely celebration of both.

  4. I hope y'all enjoyed your Valentine's Day and Anniversary! What a pretty card, and the Japanese papers are *great*
    I love the idea of Friendship Day. :D This is such a sweet post!