Sunday, February 17, 2013

Coral and Navy Tablesetting

I was at the thrift store this week doing what I do best on Friday at noon, when I found not one, but two tablecloths I liked. As soon as I saw this coral one I knew that I wanted to use it this weekend when we were having dinner guests.  

I paired the coral tablecloth with our Blue Willow dinner plates and used the blue and white Pottery Barn serviettes.  Don't you think coral and navy are such a lovely fresh combination? Orange and blue are opposites on the colour wheel so I assume that is why the coral and navy really seem to highlight yet compliment each other.  

In the centre of the table I used our collection of brass candlesticks from the $20 thrift store challenge (which you can read about here) - love the combination of heights and shapes.  And I bought some white flowers for the table - because the table needed white flowers to pull it all together.

Do you want to know something strange?  Do you see the nails on the wall on either side of the piece of art on our wall - that is where the fruit plates are supposed to go.  I took them down to hang the Christmas plates there.  When the Christmas plates came down in January, I hung some faux snowballs on the nails until Valentine's Day.  Now that Valentine's Day is finished I thought it was time to hang up the fruit plates again, but the trouble is I can't remember where I put them. I've looked all over the house ... and nothing ... nadda. I've been walking around asking everyone - if you were me, where would you have stored the plates? I'm hoping they show up soon. So strange, eh? Have you ever lost something like that?

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  1. Ha ! I just did that with a plate I had displayed on the buffet which was put away from Christmas. Finally found it in a bedroom dresser draw. Did you check your linen closet? Nice table setting.

  2. Love the coral and blue combination. You were right to tie it together with the white. Such a lovely and fresh table setting. So funny about hiding things from ourselves. I have hiden FOUR red silk placemats from myself. They are no where to be found. Good luck with your search.

  3. The tablecloths were a great find! I agree that the coral and blue make for a striking combination, just like in nature (setting sun and evening sky.)

  4. As I read your post - sent over via Art at Home, I am dressed in navy and coral. I love the combination. And I love your blue and white dishes.

  5. That's really odd because you're so organized. I bet you'll find your plates when you're not looking for them! I love it when people use complementary colors on tablescapes.

    Your table looks great!


  6. Such a pretty table and very stunning combo. I haven't been to a thrift store for weeks...maybe I should go and get some inspiration. I seem to have hit a blogging wall! Happy Monday Grace...Ann

  7. I love the mix of coral and blue, so pretty and your tablescape is just lovely. Thanks tons for joining TTT. Hugs, Marty